Posted by: Christina Soldan | August 13, 2009

Christina Soldan – Presentation

Christina Soldan, CREW coordinator and contact person, teacher of Mathematics, Swedish, Project Work, Web Design and Computer Science at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden - Certificate of Attendance for participating at the CREW-meeting in Romania

Christina Soldan, CREW’s contact person - Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden

Christina Soldan, CREW coordinator

I am a teacher of Mathematics, Swedish, Project Work, Web Design and Computer Science at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå. I am a member of the SPID-programme, it is a sports programme with focus on social studies.

I am Anderstorpsskolan’s contact person for the EU project, CREW, and I’m very happy and proud because I’ve got the opportunity to take part in this international cooperation. I hope that this project will be a successful cooperation and inspiration for all the people involved. I’m pretty sure that this experience will be a memory they’ll never forget and lead to a lifelong learning.

PS – CREW is now on the Skellefteå!

Tfn: +46910736221
Fax: +46910736203

My roles in the CREW-project:

My works on the CREW-blogg are on Click on « Previous Entries to see them all!

//Christina Soldan


  1. Very nice site! is it yours too

  2. cam pustiu bloggu 🙂

  3. Cam pustiu si mai ales CREW-Romania e foarte tacut cam de asta primavara… 😦

  4. vad si eu asta 😐 ce am putea face sa ii readucem pe blog?

  5. Eu am scris programul lunar de activitati la inceputul fiecarei luni (vezi apasand pe calendar, 1 in fiecare luna). Sant activitatile pe care le-am scris impreuna in applicatia de proiect. Contacteaza coordinatorul vostru si sfatuiti-va impreuna. Noi aici am facut toate lucrarile propuse si acum public rezultatele, in functie de timp, in limba suedeza ca nu mai prea avem timp sa le si traducem. Dar se pot citi in orice limba cu ajutorul lui Google translate. // Christin@

  6. Thank you, Franscisca. Can you specify which pics you mean?

  7. Thank you! Enjoy of our blog and good luck with your! 🙂

Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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