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Sofie Ögren – Presentation

Sofie Ögren, student on SPID-programme at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden


my name is Sofie and I’m an athlete.  I go to school at Anderstorp, like my classmates in SPID3b.  

In my sparetime (besides training and going to school), I  breakdance once a week. I’m also involved in the athletic-association Skellefteå AIK,  where  I’m responsible for the youths.  

I love to travel and to meet new people so I’m really looking forward to this project, especially going to Romania. In the summer of 2009 I travelled to Romania with Christina and Andrea. I had a lot of fun!  



Brasov, Romania 
Brasov, Romania. This is when we were in BrasovAndrea and I.

Me, Amanda, Felicia and Ida in Ayia Napa, Cyprus 

One other memorable journey was when I, AmandaFelicia Vikberg and Ida Söderström went to CyprusAyia Napa, a couple of weeks ago. One week of sun and fun 😉  Here you can see us in the warm, crystal-clear water…  

Me, Jonas, Sam and Mattias on snowboard 

My brother and I. ( And two other friends, Sam and Mattias) Snowboard ❤  

I’ve got Facebook if you wish to know more 🙂 My Facebook adress is: Besides Facebook I’ve got a blog. If you wish to know more then… check it out. C ya soon!  



My roles in the CREW-project:

My works on this CREW-project:

  1. Dokumentation av resan. The Swedes working on the CREW project
  2. Dokumentation av resan. The Swedish school activities and traditions
  3. The Masterchiefs of Water Testing in Skellefteå. Bilaga 1 – Bilder
  4. Bottenhavet. Bilaga1 – Bilder med Bottenhavet
  5. World Water Day. Bilaga 1 – Planering
  6. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 7: Länkar
  7. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 4: Filmer
  8. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 3: Bilder
  9. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 2: Planeringen
  10. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Jonas åsikter
  11. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Nils åsikter
  12. Free Evening in Skellefteå
  13. Depression. Bilaga 11 – Tre sätt som en strategi kan fungera på
  14. Depression. Bilaga 10 – Lyckostrategi 9: Att sätta upp nya mål
  15. Depression. Bilagan 9 – Lyckostrategi 8: Att njuta av livet
  16. Depression. Bilagan 8 – Lyckostrategi 7: Att sträva efter flow
  17. Depression. Bilagan 7 – Lyckostrategi 6: Att lära sig förlåta
  18. Depression. Bilagan 6 – Lyckostrategi 5: Att lära sig hantera motgångar
  19. Depression. Bilagan 5 – Lyckostrategi 4: Att göra snälla saker
  20. Depression. Bilagan 4 – Lyckostrategi 3: Att undvika grubblerier och att sluta jämföra sig med andra
  21. Depression. Bilagan 3 – Lyckostrategi 2: Att vara optimistisk och tänka positivt
  22. Depression. Bilagan 2 – Lyckostrategi 1: Att uttrycka tacksamhet
  23. Depression. Bilagan 1 – Lyckotestet
  24. Depression. Källförteckning
  25. Depression. Sofies slutsatser och diskussion
  26. Depression. Felicias slutsatser och diskussion
  27. Depression. Sofies resultat
  28. Depression. Felicias resultat
  29. Depression. Arbetsfördelning
  30. Depression. Metod och material
  31. Depression. Frågeställning/Produkt/Hypotes
  32. Depression. Avgränsning
  33. Depression. Bakgrund och syfte
  34. Depression. Inledning
  35. Depression. Innehållsförteckning
  36. Depression. Sammanfattning
  37. Depression. Förord
  38. Depression
  39. Because We Have Taken the Studenten…
  40. Student Ball 2010
  41. Anderstorpsskolan’s Day 2010
  42. Water Tests
  43. Farewell!
  44. Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for Thursday, 25/3
  45. Sofie, day 1-4
  46. Day 4 (Friday)
  47. Snowmobiles, Reindeer, Sauna and Scary Movies
  48. Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for Thursday, 18/3
  49. Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for Wednesday, 17/3
  50. Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for Tuesday, 16/3
  51. Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for the Common Activities
  52. Accommodation in Sweden
  53. CREW’s Happy Days 😀
  54. International Women of Color Day, 1/3
  55. Are You Interested?
  56. National Day of the Sami People, February 6th
  57. The Swedish Students Results 2009
  58. New Year in Sweden
  59. Dundercupen
  60. Clive Russel – The Show!
  61. Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné), a Swedish Botanist, Doctor, Geologist, Educationalist and Zoologist
  62. Logotype Contest – Finalists
  63. Halloween Celebrating in Sweden
  64. Logotype Contest
  65. School SM
  66. PH tests on Water in Skellefteå and Its Surroundings
  67. Sofie Ögren – Presentation
  68. Jonas Ögren – Presentation
  69. Swedish Team Buildning (Teachers and Students)

// Sofie


  1. hello sofie!!!

    • Hi Carla! Is it still warm in Romania?

  2. HI Sofie give me your facebook adress… I want see you in other photo’s 😀

  3. sure,

  4. hey sofie :)….u liked in romania?haha…i hope will see u here again soon haha 😉

    • Hi! 🙂
      Yeah, Romania’s a beautiful country! 🙂 I’m sure you will!
      Are you looking forward to come to sweden?

      • yes…i am sooooo looking forward to come to sweden…i cant wait !!!!! 😛

  5. u like romania ?:)

    • Yeah it was very nice! 🙂

  6. I can wait you to come in Romania to see the country and to meet you! 😉

    • That sounds great ;D

  7. yea 😀

  8. hello!

  9. Hello Sofie!

    • Hi 😀 How are u?

  10. i have a aunt in brasov:)

  11. Well, we still waiting to read about New Year-tradition in Sweden…

  12. Hi Sofie!

    You wonder if it is possible to write and tell me about your and Felicia’s project work. You are researching sensitive chlorine and reactions and you are interviewing including specialists from the Umeå University Hospital and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

    Sure, it is great to present your project work here, in our joint blog. And our CREW-eminent English teacher, Stephen, will be very happy too…

    • Okey, I’ll do it as soon as possible! 🙂

  13. Have a nice trip to Stockholm! I hope you’ll have a great time together, CREW-girls! Take care of each other!

  14. Hej, hur är vädret runt omkring dig? Inte vänta för att se dig så snart …. kommer att kyssa dem alla.

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