Posted by: Christina Soldan | September 1, 2009

CREW Work Meeting 1

Present: the Swedish teachers, Hans Fritzen, Stefan Lundgren, Christina Soldan, Katarina Berglund, Eva EkbladChrister Carlsson and Dag Lernstad, and headmaster, Birgitta Lindström

1 Info: The contract has come today, 31/08, and it will be signed by headmaster Christina F-L. Stefan helps with the translation into English. The headmaster helps to fix the account string.

2 MP3 could not participate in the CREW project. They proposed a MP2-group but we decided to let our own students to do the job. 

3 Who participates in the project?

– Christina Soldan with PA1201 (Work Project) and teaching in Romanian language, 20 mandatory hours. 

– Stefan Lundgren with English

– Christer Carlsson in arranging the trip to Romania.  

– Dag Lernstad has no students, but he raises up as a contact on environmental issues and other practical (tel. to legal authority, research, etc).

– Hans Fritzen works at his own premises in Civics and ev. History.  

– Katarina Berglund wants to be with us (Religion – Christianity until Christmas and Swedish C, after Christmas)

– Eva Ekblad with Geography  

– Susanne with Chemistry (water and TeknoBalder)- Natural Science B (spring semester 2010)

 4 Which parts can be implemented in their own substance, according to project guidelines and planning date and in agreement with the curriculum? We agreed that each one writes itself here, in the Comenius folder. 

– Stefan Lundgren with English: This is done naturally and continually through blogs, lessons, contact via email, SMS and phone, while traveling, etc.  

– Eva Ekblad with Geography: how I participate in the CREW? Since I am on field trips throughout the week 36 and I’ll do this a brief description of areas that I can raise with the SP-students who I have in Geography. I would welcome suggestions on additional areas that are of particular interest in Romania.

Romania: The map: cities, rivers, topography, etc., population, language, climate and weather, population pyramid – comparisons, Natural Resources – energianv is of particular interest, the Black Sea significance.  Christina Soldan‘s proposal to Eva Ekblad: Danube significance, the channel that runs through the capital, Bucharest (Danube begins in Germany in the Black Forest mountains, it’s going through 7 countries, several capitals, and it stops in the Black Sea in Romania = Danube Delta).• Surface water, groundwater (water shortage?), drinking water – quality

• agriculture and forestry production

• localization patterns

• transport, tourism

• Perhaps a bit of common wild plants and animals. Christina Soldan‘s proposal to Eva Ekblad: Not least, the Danube Delta, one of the proud units in terms of flora and fauna, and much of them is protected. Here are examples of birds found only in Africa, otherwise … Good to get a general picture of Romania but to highlight and locate our partner city – Simleu Silvaniei. Thus Crasna river and a lake (Christina Soldan do not remember the name but it are on the map) which has one of the largest reservoirs in Europe. It is the importance of CREW.

• Something like this… Water in Västerbotten: Clean surface and groundwater. But there are enough exceptions to this are the most interesting such as the Baltic Sea: unique brackish sea seriously affected by eutrophication, with algal blooms, oxygen depletion and sediment. In addition, contaminated by including organic pollutants that have long afflicted the top consumers and allowing the wild-caught salmon not been sold within the EU.

• Lakes: among other things acidic bedrock makes us seriously affected by acidification. Metals such as mercury dissolved from the bottom sediments of lakes and accumulate in the food chain. Fish eggs had been difficult to hatch, many planktonic species can survive yet, etc. Christina Soldan‘s proposal to Eva Ekblad: Good to immerse themselves in Västerbotten geography, but the emphasis of the project (the Swedish part) should be on the Skellefteå Municipality, Skellefteå river and the Gulf of Bothnia.

• Should be interesting to hear about the waters in Romania. Probably similar to Sweden with clean water in the mountains, etc. Christina Soldan‘s proposal to Eva Ekblad: Can students help with any type of product? For example, essay, ppt, poster, movie clip of oral performance, etc…? Something that they can publish on the blog then?

• A suitable project for some students might be to compare countries energianv / capita and the participation of energy sources, etc. Sweden appears here as a leading country with a high proportion of renewable energy. Such a different work has also probably a good chance of Bio Fuels contestChristina Soldan‘s comment to Eva Ekblad: Very good suggestion! We take it with us to the students!

– Christina Soldan with ev 8 st PA1201:

1. Investigation of the local ecological system (4 NV-students)

– water samples from the Skellefteå river and the Gulf of Bothnia, analyzer (the Chemistry teacher at VUX helps).

– contact the Health and Environment Office to get some data and ev. comply with the field to see and learn how to do research – find out the phone, contact person, contact Dag Lernstad in ecological issues and to get tips.

2 Presentation of some famous chemists and physicists (if possible link it to water issues) (3 NV-students)

– see example links to the right in CREW‘s blog, use the Internet, NE, and libraries – list all but present detailed just some of the main Swedes of international importance.

– the practical part in the form of booklet with concentrated text and images.

3 Presentation of some famous biologists, natural scientists (if possible link it to water issues) (1 NV and 2 SP-students)

– see example links to the right in CREW‘s blog – use the Internet, NE and libraries, ask Dag Lernstad.

– list all but present the details just some of the most important Swedes of international importance.

– the practical part in the form of booklet with concentrated text and images.

4 World Water Day (2 SP-students)

– organize activities in the central hall of the WWD, please contact NV and advertising activity and the CREW – brochures with text and image.

– tips, info on WWD, etc.

5 Planning and conduct of the visit in Romania are presented in text, picture and video on CREW‘s blog (our proposal Viktor Holmström – film, Marica Nilsson – photo, Johan Lundgren and Erik Lundgren – sound and editing)

– practical component CDs for everyone involved Swedes.

6 The hospitality of northern Sweden (4 SP-students) – home cooking, ceremonies and important

– programs for activities where the Romanians are here (in the form of leaflets).

– attractions (who has the water and the pollution-making but also of historical significance.

– see the municipality website), museum.

– the treatment plant, dams, bridges, etc.

– a little booklet of old northern recipes.

– images and text (fairy tales – how did the fermented herring? Västerbotten cheese? Could be fun to know …).

– visit Brinken and retrieve info sheets and maps into the Romanians (Tourist Office), plan a visit to Jan Midlert, plan a visit to a politician / city mayor, contact the NV and do PR for the visits and for CREW.

7 Presentation of Skellefteå river (3 SP-students)

– the history, the importance of the city, there is an old story about the river or any part of it?, Where does the name come from?

– Bridges significance and history.

– fishing, rafting (see Småälvarna).

Bonnstan, boat museum, canoe cape, Ursviken the port era, sawmill, etc.

– the practical part in the form of PowerPoint or brochure.

8 Presentation of the Gulf of Bothnia (3 SP-students)

– the history, the importance of  Skellefteå Municipality, there is an old story about the sea or any part of it? An estuary?

– pollution.

– tourism, fisheries, transport (and even in winter – Finland),

– leisure.

– the practical part in the form of PowerPoint or brochure…

– Christina with 20 mandatory hours of Romanian language (read the project instructions!): basic words and phrases. We will do so every Friday, the PA-hours.

5 Who does what?

– Christina Soldan = coordinator + admin on the blog + interpreter Romanian teaching and project supervision.

– Stefan Lundgren = mentor SPID3b + subcoordinator + editor on the blog + English teaching.

– Christer Carlsson = travel guides.

– … ???…

6 Keeping the blog alive (and also by teachers’ presence). Christina Soldan calls to leave tips on the blog, summaries of operations, etc.

7 What will be traveling with students to Romania? The roof is 4 teachers, alt. 3 teachers and a principal, and 24 students. Reduces the number of students decreases EU grant also… Christina Soldan, Katarina Berglund and Dag Lernstad can and want to go with the students. Stefan Lundgren think about it and  Birgitta Lindström are interested if we vary the journey date (April-October). Hans Fritzen and Eva Ekblad have been unable to travel.

8 Spring semester 2011?? Some students leave us autumn semester 2010. Some students may not go away spring semester 2010. We can not accept guests under the spring semester 2011 where our students end their school in autumn semester 2010. Christina Soldan will contact the Romanians and check the possibilities for changing dates of the travels.

9 Interpreter needed in some familiesChristina Soldan know from experience from a previous EU project. Ev. Andreea Soldan, SPSK3 will follow to Romania. Not sure about this if the journey becomes on autumn semester 2010.

10 Andreea Soldan, SPSK3 and Theresé Gustavsson, ES2C will inform students of the previous project and some film and photos from trips (the Romanians, too).

11 Info meeting with all parents, when and where? We must discuss this later, when the time comes to travel …

12. WWD, activity in the central hall. How do we proceed? Project work, if possible…

13 Info: meeting arround water samples (Stefan Lundgren, Christina Soldan and Susanne Öhrlund), Monday, 31.08, with students’ Chemistry teacher at VUX, Susanne. Susanne has been in contact with Lena Granberg-Andersson, TeknoBalder and they think it’s best to make the most of the tests there. We will find out what it costs. The first simple measurements are taken next Wednesday at VUX. But then required a bit more advanced equipment, and also in some cases, special sample containers to make it accurate results. It is done on TeknoBalder and two teachers. NK B students’ teachers are contacted and informed. They will have NK B on the next semester. Wrong teacher were contacted. Nils B. do not have our students. Stefan Lundgren will contact their teachers to spring semester 2010…

14. InfoChristina Soldan and Birgitta Lindström will travel to Stockholm at the Comenius meeting, on Friday 16/10. The trip paid for by the CREW money, according to the instructions we received the invitation.

15 Draft equipment (which then belong to us, we who work with CREW): a film and digital camera and possibly a microphone. Can be bought second-hand in order to not use as much preparation CREW money (= ca 20000 SKR, the rest will go to the trip). Nobody had anything against the proposal. The question was who would have access to it late, after the project. It becomes to school and SPID-programme, of course, as long SPID-programme exist, and then it becomes to CREW-teachers, of course, those working on the project.

16 Tanks were brought, and that will be discussed at another meeting:

– How do you solve practical about that 5 teachers will be gone in 2 weeks? Christina Soldan‘s proposal: if you know it already, you can plan it for autumn semester 2010 so that it does not affect the school’s finances so terribly much.

– How do other schools? Can the headmaster told other directors of example Örjansskolan in Skelleftehamn or the Dragon School in Umeå? Dragon School is very active in EU projects and student exchange, so they must have enormous experience in how to solve it practically…

Thanks for a great meeting! // Christina Soldan


Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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