Posted by: Alin Guler | September 4, 2009

Alin Guler – Presentation

Alin Guler, teacher of Geography at Technical College Iuliu Maniu - Simleu Silvaniei, Romania
On the Bosphorus (Turkey), Alin Guler, teacher at Geography at Technical College Iuliu Maniu in Simleu Silvaniei, RomaniaHello. My name is Alin Guler and I teach Geography. As a Geography teacher I know a few things about your country, but I’m eager to find new things about Sweden and its people directly from its inhabitants. I consider  myself an open-minded and dynamic person and I like to think that I have a  good collaboration with my students. I also acknowledge that the  Swedish people have the  proper mentality to protect the environment  and the waters and it can be inspiring for us.

//Alin Guler


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  2. Hi Alin, one of the goals for our project is to investigate the importance of water in two rivers/lakes that exist in our cities. My students describe here Skellefte river and the Gulf of Bothnia and their importance in our Swedish society. It is included in the subject Geography.

    What two rivers, you and your students present to us, here in our collective blog? We await and want to know more about Romania, Simleu and the beautiful Romanian countryside. Have you taken any images? There we’d love to see … 🙂

  3. Hi Alin!

    Our students are working with the implementation of the project in Swedish, English and Geography. They may be asked to do various jobs on Romania and they publish their results on our joint blog. Can your students work on the same way as our? Then it’s easier for us to cooperate and to learn about each other’s country.

    Right now William needs help with work on the Black Sea (See on – Can you help him?

    Dennis (See Dennis’ works on ) and Isak (See Isak’s work on describes the local river Skellefteälven. Can a couple of your students also present river Crasna, as you mentioned in our common project?

    William (see Williams’ works on and Emelie (see Emelie’s works on describes the Baltic Sea in this blog. Can a couple of your students do a survey around the lake as you mentioned in our CREW-application?

    It would be fun to learn more about Romania’s water and nature… Right now we do not know much about Romania…

  4. Bunå Alin! Ce s-a întâmplat cu fotografia ta de la prezentarea pe blog??

  5. Buna. Habar nu am. Am schimbat-o/puso de mai multe ori dar degeaba, imi apare in contnuare “desenul acele animat”. Am probleme si cu adresa de mail, pentru ca acasta, este una secundara pe care mi-am facut-o special pentru blog si uit sa o deschi in fiecare seara, si asa se intampla ca raman cam in urma cu noutatile/sarcinile care ni le dai. Nu pot sa o inlocuiesc cu cea pe care o folosesc in mod curent:

    • Ti-am rezolvat problema cu poza :-).

      Schimba adresa de mail (eu nu am dreptul sa intru la profilurile voastre. E privat.):

      1. Logg in

      2. Du-te la “Dashboard” – “User” (in josul paginii de “Dashboard”)

      3. Apasa pe “Your Profile”

      4. Du-te mai in josul paginii la “Contact Info”, sterge e-mailul nedorit si pune-l pe cel nou.

      5. Du-te mai jos la “Website” si pune-ti adresa de la presentarea ta – (e dragut ca lumea sa vada cine scrie comentariu respectiv. In acest fel ne si aciomodam mai bine unii cu altii desi santem la distanta si nu ne-am intalnit niciodata 🙂

      6. Apasa pe “Update Profile” si voíle!! Ai rezolvat problema.

      PS – daca tot laborezi acolo poti sa-ti aranjezi si Gravatarul cu o poza a ta 🙂 Dupa orice schimbare facuta trebuie sa apesi pe “Update Profile”…


      • Deci nu eu mi-am pus poza?. ca tocmai mi-am reactualizat prezentarea (adica poza). Ce ma stiu la calculatoare. HA. Ha.
        Mersi oricum. Spor la treaba.

  6. Hahaha… am lucrat amandoi deodata, dupa cate vad eu… Oricum problema e rezolvata si asta e principal. Sper ca ai rezolvat-o si cu mailul. Mersi pt urare si spor la treaba si tie :-)!!

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