Posted by: stoicaandreea | September 26, 2009

Andreea-Mihaela Stoica – Presentation

Andreea-Mihaela Stoica, student at Technical College Iuliu Maniu - Simleu Silvaniei, Romania


My name is Andreea-Mihaela Stoica, I am 16 years old.

I’m student at The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu”.

My hobbies are: sports, computer, dance.

I like having fun and I like to make new friends.

This is a good way to improve my English.

I’m so looking forward for this project.


My roles in the CREW-project:

My works on this CREW-project:

  1. Local water analysis results in Şimleu Silvaniei
  2. The Crasna river- Power Point
  3. The Masterchiefs of Water Testing in Skellefteå. Bilaga 1 – Bilder
  4. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 3: Bilder
  5. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 3: Bilder
  6. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 3: Bilder
  7. Programme of the Project Meeting in Simleu
  8. Travel List of Sweden-Romania, Round Trip (Hotel and Ferries)
  9. Our Visit to Anna Nordlander Museum
  10. Certificate of Attendance
  11. Sofie, day 1-4
  12. Strike!!!
  13. Accommodation in Sweden
  14. Dragobetele
  15. Happy Valentine`s Day!
  16. Vârşolţ Dam
  17. Working Trip in Vârşolţ
  18. The Romanian Students Results 2009
  19. Sant Nicholas Church Concert in Romania
  20. Andreea-Mihaela Stoica – Presentation
  21. Romanian Team Building (Teachers and Students)

//Andreea-Mihaela Stoica


  1. I hope that you vote on your favourite Swedish presentation on the side

    1. Click on your a favourite presentation.

    2. Click on the button Vote.

    All presentations are overall on the side Click on a name in order to see the person’s presentation.

  2. Hey Andrea ! Welcome to sweden. Soon we’ll meet. It will be a lot of fun 😀

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