Posted by: dyaraluca | October 6, 2009

Raluca Petrovan – Presentation

Raluca Petrovan, student at The Technical College Iuliu Maniu in Şimleu Silvaniei, Romania

Raluca Petrovan

Hi my name is Raluca Petrovan, I ‘m 16 years old. I am from Romania and I have to tell that even that I didn’t travel so mutch I love the country and I hope that one day you will love it too. I am student at The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu” in 10 class at technical profile.Yes, maybe you think  it’s strange for a girl to be at a technical profile but at first neither do I wasn’t so happy to be there but now I love it and I want to go further. I love my teachers and I like the school. So about me I like to listen music to stay out I love the nature. My favorite color is blue because it’s a beautiful color like the sky and i also like purple, pink, black, in fact I like all colors and that’s because  in my near past I haven’t any colored clothes. All my clothes were black but I belive that my English teacher helped me to see the world in a different way and my brother too.

By the way, I have a brother older then me with 4 years and my parents are divorced. Me and my brother leave with our mothemy brother is student at psychology faculty in Cluj Napoca. My mom is in Italy,  she is there to work. My father forgot that he has two kids but now it is better than before. So that is a little story about me. I forgot to say that I like to have fun and to take long walks. So, bye bye!

My works on this CREW-project:

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  4. Logotype Contest: my logotype 🙂
  5. Raluca Petrovan – Presentation
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//Raluca Petrovan


  1. Hi, Raluca! Lovely presentation. 🙂

    • Well, I were also student on the technology programme at Tehnoton in Iasi, Romania. Wonderful programme, the best of the best!! My daughter asked me once: “Mum, if you got an opportunity again about choosing programmes, which programme would you will go?”… “The technology programme, sow clear!!” <3, I replied… after so many years…

      Now, I am teacher in mathematics, Swedish, ICT, computer science and webbdesign. A lot due to my knowledge from Tehnoton in Iasi, Romania.… 🙂

  2. Petrovan Raluca Diana

  3. I hope that you vote on your favourite Swedish presentation on the side

    1. Click on your a favourite presentation.

    2. Click on the button Vote.

    All presentations are overall on the side Click on a name in order to see the person’s presentation.

  4. Lovely picture Raluca! I like it.

  5. raluca,you’re so colorful !I ‘m glad for you that you have found colors ,I like this!
    in february i come back to the school and stay close ,maybe find a few colors together

  6. hy ! ralucapetrovan97 its my id…:P bye bye:-h

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