Posted by: paulalarisa | October 7, 2009

Paula’s Presentation

Paula Biris, student at Technical College Iuliu Maniu - Simleu Silvaniei, Romania

Hi, my name is Paula Biris and I am 17 years old, I am a student  at The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu”. I am a sociable person with a strong and ambitious character, my height is average I have brown eyes, black hair. My hobbies are: fashions,traveling shopping and walking with friends. I like serious people with little humour.

My expectations from this project are to make many friends, learn a new language and good experience.


My roles in the CREW-project:

My works on this CREW-project:

  1. Gästfriheten i Norrland. Bilaga 3: Bilder
  2. Programme of the Project Meeting in Simleu
  3. Our Visit to Anna Nordlander Museum
  4. Certificate of Attendance
  5. Sofie, day 1-4
  6. Strike!!!
  7. Snowmobiles, Reindeer, Sauna and Scary Movies
  8. Accommodation in Sweden
  9. Vârşolţ Dam
  10. Working Trip in Vârşolţ
  11. The Black Sea
  12. paula_larisa09
  13. The Romanian Students Results 2009
  14. Paula’s Presentation
  15. Romanian Team Building (Teachers and Students)

//Paula Biris


  1. Spune-mi, te rog, si numele de familie ca sa te inregistrez corect la

  2. I hope that you vote on your favourite Swedish presentation on the side

    1. Click on your a favourite presentation.

    2. Click on the button Vote.

    All presentations are overall on the side Click on a name in order to see the person’s presentation.

  3. welcome to Sweden !! 🙂

  4. Esti binevenita la noi, Paula! Andrea mea e foarte fericita de vestea primita :-D. Pregateste-te de aventuri in toata legea cu pisicutele noastre salbatice, Andrea si Sofie :-D…

    PS – Nu poti sa pui si tu o poza la prezentarea ta sa vedem si noi cum arati? Tu ne-ai vazut pe noi 😉

  5. buna…abia stept sa ne vedem , sunt incantata ca voi sta la tine Andreia….

  6. numele meu complet este Biris Larisa Paula, asa sunt in buletin dar toti cunoscuti imi spun PAULA

  7. Hello! Can you tell me how i can register mail at google

  8. Hello! Can you tell me how i can register mail at google google

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