Posted by: Christina Soldan | October 21, 2009

Cooperation and Communication

Lifelong Learning ProgrammeThis is a project into Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius, a School Partnerships SWEDENROMANIA.

Cooperation betwen both schools began long before the project application. 

Apr 2007 – three teachers and some students from The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu” visited Anderstorpsskolan and the line of work for the project was discussed. 

2007-2008 – the contact persons continued the cooperation via e-mail and telephone calls. 

Nov 2008Anderstorpsskolan’s headmaster participated at a preparatory Comenius meeting in Stockholm

Feb 2009Anderstorpsskolan’s headmaster, contact person and a teacher met a representant of The European Growth Office in Skellefteå

For the coming period cooperation between the involved institutions will be ensured as follows: 

Mar 2009 – some students who participated in a Comenius project a couple of years ago will inform the Swedish students of their experiences. 

Autumn 2009 – a couple of students from Anderstorpsskolan will visit The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu” in Simleu Silvaniei.

Aug-Sep 2009 – the contact persons keep in touch every two weeks via phone and e-mail and they keep each other updated on how preparations for the project are proceeding. The Swedish contact person creates a blog in English, usernames and passwords for all participants. The Swedish and Romanian students start to introduce themselves on the blog.  The teachers work cross-curricular (Natural Science, Geography, Social Studies, Modern Laguanges, Mathematics and History) and the Swedish students begin to investigate the state of the local ecological system. They will take water samples, will proceed with their chemical and bio-logical analyses and present the results on the blog.

 Autumn-winter 2009 – a domain is chosen to make information exchange about the personalities possible.

Spring 2010 – the Swedish students will learn at least 20 h Romanian language with the Swedish contact person as their teacher. The Romanian students will get a course of Swedish of at least 20 hours.

May 2010 – the Swedish students visit Romania where they will carry out activities that have been planned together. Planning and implementation will be presented by students and teachers in text, pictures and video clips on the project blog. In Simleu Silvaniei there will be evaluations of the project.

Autumn 2010 – the students will analyse and compare their findings and also compile biographies about Romanian and Swedish personalities.

Mar 2011 – the Romanian students visit Sweden where they will carry out activities that we have planned together. Planning and implementation will be presented on the project blog. At the end of their visit to Skellefteå, there will be both a written and an oral evaluation of the project so far.

Spring 2011 – the students will contact the local authorities and present the final results and also visit other schools and spread information.

June 2011 – The results will be compared, discussed and presented. The results and the experiences will be saved to a CD or USB-stick. The students will create 10-15 biographic sheets about Romanian and Swedish personalities in form of a booklet. The blog will be printed and distributed to other schools and local environmental politicians.

The contact persons is responsible for coordinating the project and ensures that the line of work is followed. A teacher from the guest school will arrange a project meeting at the host school in order to prepare for the arrival of the group.

Cooperation will be done based on the hostguest relationship, essays will be written together in English, students will attend classes during their visit to the partner school. Cultural visits will be organized in order to enhance multiculturality and to discover the background of each partner school, region and country.

Anderstorpsskolan is responsible for creating an evaluation sheet. Both participating students and teachers are supposed to fill it out. Each school is responsible the evaluation. Results will be exchanged and necessary changes to the project will be made.

// Christina Soldan

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