Posted by: Christina Soldan | October 21, 2009

Logotype Contest

Logotype Contest

This is NOT a mission impossible.

What we CREW people ask you to do is to create a logotype for the CREW blog. It must reflect the purpose of our project. You remember? Obtaining information and then spreading it around the world, like ripples on a water surface.

The logotype may of course be made in any form and you can use any technique you like, as long as the logotype is digital. Consequently, you can draw, paint, make a collage, mixing it with digital pictures, or why not come up with an animated logotype in 3-D.

There are no limitations to this contest, so get cracking and start producing a logotype of your own choosing. If you have any questions concerning this contest, get in contact with your contact person, Christina SoldanCREW coordinator and contact person at the Anderstorpsskolan and Alina BrabanCREW coordinator and contact person at  The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu”.

Eligible Contestants

All Romanian and Swedish CREW-students are allowed to make their contributions as an entry in the blog.  Every student may compete with up to 3  logotypes, all to be placed in the one entry.


The winner will appointed by a jury consisting of people of the Anderstorpsskolan and The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu”.


Only one prize will be awarded.

Last day of entry, 22 October, at midnight

The winner will be presented on the blog and the logotype published  in the blog header.

For inspiration

This is a project into Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius, a  School Partnerships SWEDENROMANIA. The main goal of the project is to enhance the understanding and knowledge within the field of natural science, focusing on the ecological aspect of water. The second goal is to develop the students’ and the teachers’ intercultural understanding. The idea is that the students create and show each other scientific contributions of globally well-known scientists (occasionally referred to as personalities). The third goal is to improve the students’ language skills focusing on oral proficiency and technical language. 

The name of the project Cultural Ripples on European Waters, CREW, is supposed to symbolize, first and foremost, the exchanging and spreading of information on the importance of water research, water being a completely ecofriendly source of energy, both for man and machine. 

The picture of a stone hitting the water surface generating ripples is the metaphor for finding information locally and letting the rest of Europe benefit by it. The students will do case studies where they will compare and analyse different waters. The results of the research will be presented to the students and teachers of the respective school, and also to the local politicians. Hopefully, they in turn will spread the results nationally and then globally.


Paç fat! | Հաջողությո’ւն: (Hajoghutyun) Բարի’ բախտ: (Bari bakht) | Yaxşı şanslar | Успех (Uspex) | Sretno | Hodně štěstí! | Held og lykke! | Succes! Veel geluk! | Edu! | Good luck! | Onnea! | Bonne chance! | წარმატებებს გისურვებთ (c’armatebebs gisurvebth) – frm | წარმატებებს გისურვებ (c’armatebebs gisurveb) – inf | Viel Glück! Alles Gute! |Veel Glück! | Καλή τύχη! (kalí tíhi!) | Sok szerencsét kivánok! | Gangi þér vel! |Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat! Ádh mór ort! | Buona fortuna! In bocca al lupo! | Bona fortuna! | Laimīgs gadījums! Veiksmi! | Sėkmės! Geros kloties! | Vill Gléck! | Со среќа! (So srekya!), Среќно! (Srekno!) | Xewqat sbieħ / Awguri | Lykke til! | Powodzenia! | Boa sorte! | Noroc! | Удачи! (Udači) | Sealbh math dhuit/dhuibh! Gur math a thèid leat/leibh! Piseach! Piseach mhath ort/oirbh! Sealbh math dhuit/dhuibh! Gur math a thèid leat/leibh! Piseach! Piseach mhath ort/oirbh! G’un robh math agad! | Срећно (Srećno) | Veľa šťastia! | Srečno | ¡Buena suerte! | Lycka till! | İyi şanslar! | Щасти вам/тобі! (Ščasty vam/tobi) Нехай щастить! (Nechaj ščastytʼ) На все добре! (Na vse dobre)


  1. Hi, romanian and swedes students! Deadline for The Logotype Contest 10 october!!! It’s very empty here right now… None logotype yet… ????… I hope you publish your logotype soon…

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