Posted by: Christina Soldan | October 21, 2009

Partnership and Distribution of Tasks

Lifelong Learning ProgrammeThis is a project into Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius, a School Partnerships SWEDENROMANIA.
Two participating schools, one in Sweden and the other in Romania (Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden and The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu” in Simleu Silvaniei, Romania), will work together to promote the study of foreign languages among the students using English as a communication tool. A friendly visit where three teachers and some students from The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu” in Simleu Silvaniei visited Anderstorpsskolan took place in April 2007. During the stay the line of work for the project was discussed and we continued the cooperation via e-mail and telephone calls. Anderstorpsskolan’s headmaster participated in November 2008 at a preparatory Comenius meeting in Stockholm which was intended to further improve the application. Anderstorpsskolan’s headmaster and two teachers met a representant of European Office, Growth Office in Skellefteå in February 2009. They consulted her concerning the application and project. In order to further plan the project a couple of students from Anderstorpsskolan will visit The Technical College “Iuliu Maniu” in Simleu Silvaniei.

Anderstorpsskolan will be the coordinating school but each school is responsible for their part of the project. To ensure the active involvement of all partners each school assigns a contact person. This person also coordinates the project and ensures that the line of work is followed. Learning languages combined with the use of ICT is integrated into a pedagogical approach whose aims are to promote the national values of both partners and to identify their contribution to the European civilisation. Students grouped in small multinational teams will work together on the water project at first via e-mail and blog presentations and then side by side during two-class exchanges.

Work in small multinational teams will be adopted during the project. Students will choose a theme as their task and they will make research on the Internet to achieve their goals. Information exchange via e-mail will enable them to cooperate in order to finalize a chosen personality. All the biographies will be reunited by the Swedish team whose task will be the creation of the final product. In this way a booklet (printed or in electronic form) dealing with the great Romanian and Swedish personalities of the scientific life of Europe will be used during the history or councelling classes. Each partner will translate (if necessary) the booklet into their own mother tongue to make it available to colleagues who do not speak English.

Language learning sessions will be organized by each school, for the partner language, in order to reach a certain proficiency in communication during the two meetings and in order to transmit some cultural aspects of the visited country. Two different languages, having completely different roots will enrich the students’ knowledge about the European diversity.

Each school is responsible for organizing the program for the visits. The program will include activities focusing on the objectives in Objectives of The Partnership. Each school will also organize the trip to the other country whereas the hosts organize the accommodation in host families or other appropriate accommoda-tion. Class exchanges will be organized in each school, one in the first year and one in the second year of the project. Every class exchange organizer will make a program during the 10-day visit of the partner school. The program will include activities like: attending classes, visits to other schools in the region, visiting to political personalities, time spent in the host family, cultural visits (if possible related to the personalities described in the project).

Both schools will prepare the study material needed to carry out the water case studies and will perform the proposed experiments. The Romanian team will have as task the elaboration of a presentation about the results found during the water analysis. The students in both schools will prepare information about their regions. Both schools will learn each others language (at least 20h).

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