Posted by: Christina Soldan | October 24, 2009

Dissemination and Use of Results

Lifelong Learning Programme
This is a project into Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius, a School Partnerships SWEDENROMANIA.

Dissemination in the participating organizations

Initially some students came up with the idea that we apply for a project together with a school in Romania. We then made a survey to see how many of students who were willing to participate in the project. This was the first step of dissemination in the school.

The contact persons are responsible for collecting and editing the material and then distributing it to the participating teachers.  The students who participated in the project will also present the results to other classes at their school. Onced every six months seminars will be aranged for students and staff at the local school.

On the school’s website the project results so far will be summarized monthly. The blog is continuously updated with news and current evaluations.

Dissemination in the local communities

Two exhibitions (once a year), at a public place presenting the objectives and activities of the project, will be organized in order to inform people about the school’s transnational partnerships. Seminars will be aranged for other schools informing them of the progress of the project, its significance and result.

On the project blog and in the local newspaper, articles dealing with the objectives, activities and results of the project will reflect the results and stage of implementation.

After finalising the final products, the CD and in a few cases the edited booklet will be disseminated among the schools in the region as a pedagogical tool for the history, science and counselling lessons. The blog will be printed and distributed to the local government.

Dissemination in the wider lifelong learning community 

Via articles published in the regional journals.

At the common meetings organized in the regional school authority the project will be presented to other headmasters and educational counsellors.

The name of the project Cultural Ripples on European Waters, CREW, is supposed to symbol-ize first and foremost the exchanging and spreading of information on the importance of water re-search, water being a completely ecofriendly source of energy, both for man and machine.

The picture of a stone hitting the water surface generating ripples is the metaphor for finding in-formation locally and letting the rest of Europe benefit by it. The students will do case studies where they will compare and analyse different waters. The results of the research will be presented to the students and staff of the respective school, and also to the local politicians. Hopefully, they in turn will spread the results nationally and then globally. The probject blog will be the most effective dissemination tool with international accessibility.

// Christina Soldan

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