Posted by: Christina Soldan | October 24, 2009

Impact and European Added Value

Lifelong Learning Programme
This is a project into Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius, a School Partnerships SWEDENROMANIA.

Students and teachers

Through this project we expect the students to develop a feeling of belonging to a common European culture by getting an insight into a foreign language.

Increase the level of tolerance to other cultures and to decrease prejudice. During effective cooperation students will learn about the culture and civilisation of another European country. 

The students will learn about people who have been important for the development of each country, will know their contribution trying to find at what scale this influenced life and science in Europe

Pedagogical benefits

The partner schools will not only learn about each other’s school system, they will also gain an advantage out of the partnership through discussing the theoretical and practical work. The partners’ views, experiences and traditions will be helpful when structuring the work. The students will maybe realize that their countries have similar water problems. The results the students get will be submitted to their schools, their local politiciants and hopefully the results will have an impact on a national and international level. The students are planning on using the European Comissions’ material for school work on environment, for exemple WISE (Water Information System for Europe).

They will improve their basic skills in ICT by elaborating materials for the project and will improve communication skills.

We also expect to increase the motivation of the students to study other cultures. Their knowledge of Europe may open their eyes to the fact that they are an active part not only in European context but also in a global context. Furthermore, the knowledge the students obtain about different countries and people from other cultures will most certainly reduce the danger of racism, prejudices and mobbing.

// Christina Soldan

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