Posted by: idasm | October 26, 2009

November Holidays

In Sweden we have something we call “November holidays” – November holidays, it is called for, it usually falls in late October or early November. In the past, had in November do not permit the same meaning as it does now. Then called it “the potatoes break” for the children could help at home and reap the potatoes and other things needed for the winter. Now, we break for the children and young people should be able to get some rest and then be able to come back to school and be able to perform at their highest level.

We students do not celebrate it in a special way in addition to rest us up while we are doing a lot of fun things. It also organized fun activities at various sites where children and young people can go and it does not cost much to be with and hang out.

November holiday is also an occasion when you can celebrate Halloween. Then one often some sort of party or gatherings with family and friends, and it often happens that we dress up ourselves and have fun all night. During this weekend we usually also go to cemeteries to light candles for those who have died in our neighborhood.



During the holidays this year, I was friends with most all holidays and was glad that I for once did not have to study anything. By day, I was swimming with some friends and we were also playing Laserdome and then we saw the film until late at night. Otherwise I enjoyed most of being vacant and slept late in the day!

Do you have a so-called “November holidays” in Romania and, if so, what do you call it?  If you then have something like that is about the same time, what do you usually do? Do you do much the same thing that we in Sweden or you will find a lot of other things?
It would be very interesting to know what you are doing in Romania during your free weeks! 🙂

/Ida Söderström



  1. Very well done, Ida! 🙂

    It’s just the students who have vacantion, the November break. Teachers and other school personnel have a continuing education week. It means that we are on various short lectures, meetings and workshops every day, all week long…

  2. Hello,dear Swedish holidaymakers says Alinda eventually.I think your November holiday starts at the right moment- the time when students should really get a rest and do various relaxing and enjoyable activities.I find the “potatoes reaping campaign ” the most attractive-I’m joking.We also have a season for this activity and some of the students still get involved in it .But the most welcomed holiday in this period of the yera is the Christmas holiday which is something special . Now we are still at school but we wait for a special Claus called Nicholas to bring the first presents . This should mark the time when we all feel we should get better.It is the most pleasant atmosphere and we “ll come later with news about it.

  3. nice

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