Posted by: TuGu | October 31, 2009

How Do We Celebrate Halloween

People wearing Halloween costumes

People wearing Halloween costumes

Jack O’ Lantern, from carved pumpkin

Jack O’ Lantern, from carved pumpkin

Halloween is celebrated in Romania, too. Children and young people like this celebration and it is a chance to enjoy themselves. What is more, many Americans like to come to Romania every year to celebrate Halloween at Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle), where the spirit of this holiday is felt the best. There are organized some events related with this celebration. Everybody wears a costume and even Vlad Tepes ( from whom the legend of Dracula started) guides the visitors in the castle, listening to scarry stories and having fun.

Poster for Halloween Party

Poster for Halloween Party

Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle)

Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle)

There are also organized Halloween parties in schools and clubs, where children and young people go dressed in witches or ghosts and having a lot of fun.

In schools we generally celebrate Halloween during the English classes. The teacher tells about this holiday and we all read or tell scarry stories. We enjoy making Jack O’Lanterns from pumpkins and bring to English classes. Some of us draw or paint masks or other scarry paintings. We exhibit all these on the corridor of the school. Sometimes it is organized a Halloween party, where pupils have to wear an appropriate costume and the best one is rewarded. When I was in secondary school, me and my classmates put on some masks and went with our English teacher into the staff’s room to play a trick on the other teachers, it was a great fun, and some teachers even gave us some candies. We all enjoy this celebration even if it is not a Romania one.

//Andrei Sergiu Ticus


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