Posted by: Christina Soldan | November 4, 2009

Logotype Contest – Finalists



There ^^ ok so the idea of it is kinda: The roots from the tree are conecting Romania and Sweden to symbolize that we are doing this project together and our national friendship kinda, and the roots spread to different countries to symbolize that we are spreading a message kinda, and the tree that grows on the earth are a symbol for showing that we can like do good for the enviroment if we do it together o.O , u know “Many small brooks will form a big river” ._.

that was my thought kinda xD // Nils Bergmark


// Andrea Talpos

Maricas_CREW// Marica Nilsson


Made by Andrei Sergiu Ticus



Here is my logotype suggestion =) // Andreas Warg


// Teodora Ardelean


// Sofie Ögren


  1. I’ve heard that there’s many people that’s disappoionted that my logo wasn’t with the finalists

  2. I understand that, and you can be sure that I’m one of them…

Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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