Posted by: Christina Soldan | November 5, 2009

The Winner of The Logotype Contest Is… CONGRATULATIONS!!

The winner of the contest is: Nils Bergmark


A clear picture of the collaboration between two countries, Romania and Sweden. The picture also portrays the international concept on which the project is based.

The tree symbolizes vitality and verdure. The earth stands for internationalization. The roots illustrate the spreading of the result of the project and the blue background brings to mind water and air. The picture is well-made and balanced and Nils has managed to convey the message on a small space without making it muddled, and that in itself is an achievement.

// Staffan Lidman



There ^^ ok so the idea of it is kinda: The roots from the tree are conecting Romania and Sweden to symbolize that we are doing this project together and our national friendship kinda, and the roots spread to different countries to symbolize that we are spreading a message kinda, and the tree that grows on the earth are a symbol for showing that we can like do good for the enviroment if we do it together o.O , u know “Many small brooks will form a big river” ._.

that was my thought kinda xD // Nils Bergmark



  1. That´s my Nils! Congratulations!!!! 😀

  2. He had the finest logo, gz!

  3. Congratulations!!!! Nils

  4. congratulations all of you for NILS 😀

  5. Lovely Nils!

  6. u rock dude !!! lol
    congrats m8 😉

  7. Congratulations!!!

  8. dom tva flagur passar ihop
    Grattis Nils

  9. thx/tack =p

  10. is the greatest logo

Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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