Posted by: nils91 | November 6, 2009


Hey! Now our booklet is finished! Here you can look at the contents of the pages in the book/pocket:

Vegetable Soup 2
Midsummer 3-5
Lucia 6-7
Black Pudding 8
Fermented Herring 9-11
Falu-Sausage 12
Raw Spiced Salomon 13-14
Meatballs 15-16
Walpurgis night 17-18
Christmas Eve 19
Skellefteå 20
Map over Skellefteå 21-22


We hope that you will find it interesting when you arrive and we give you the book in its final form. This took a little bit longer than we expected, but now it’s finished :D!

Next week we will start with the planning of the activities that we will have for you when u arrive here. /NILS and JONAS



  1. Great job you have done boys! Looking forward to see the booklet irl =)

  2. I agree with Katarina. Very well done, students! Hope that our Romanian friends appreciate your work.

  3. jag tycker mycket om den har loggbook 🙂

  4. thats great olinca =)!
    Cool you speak swedish =p?

  5. good work 🙂
    nils look here: 😉

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