Posted by: samyy92 | November 16, 2009

Samy’s Presentation

Samuel Man, student at Technical College Iuliu Maniu - Simleu Silvaniei, Romania


My roles in the CREW-project:

My works on this CREW-project:

  1. The Masterchiefs of Water Testing in Skellefteå. Bilaga 1 – Bilder
  2. Programme of the Project Meeting in Simleu
  3. Travel List of Sweden-Romania, Round Trip (Hotel and Ferries)
  4. Graduation Prom
  5. Our Visit to Anna Nordlander Museum
  6. How We Celebrate Easter in Romania!
  7. Certificate of Attendance
  8. Day 9 (Wednesday)
  9. Day 1 (Tuesday) and 2 (Wednesday)  
  10. Accommodation in Sweden
  11. The Danube Delta
  12. The Romanian Students Results 2009
  13. Samy’s Presentation
  14. Romanian Team Building (Teachers and Students)

// Samuel Man



  1. Hi Sammy! Good to see you. Tell us your story, please. 😉

  2. Good work Samy

  3. give us some information about you sammy! 🙂

  4. i dont now what to tell you.what information do you want?

  5. well I am studyind maths-informatics at my school.but my wish is to become an engineer.i ilke a lot to english and i cant wait to meet you

    • Cum spune si Sergiu, mai jos, intra la blog (logg in) si prezinta-te acolo unde ai pus poza, adica la Sammy’s Presentation. Acolo scrie despre tine exact cum au facut si ceilalti elevi, nu in comentarii 🙂

  6. samy intra acolo unde ti-ai pus poza si acolo scrie despre tine!

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