Posted by: Christina Soldan | November 22, 2009

Isak’s Idea Got EU Support

Last Saturday our story was in the local newspaper Norra Västerbotten, a full page long.

CREW in the local newspaper, Norra Västerbotten

CREW in the local newspaper, Norra Västerbotten. Click on image to enlarge it!

There are mainly the same things in this article that I translated earlier (see Isak’s idea resulted in 20000 €!!). Besides it comes with a small survey that Bo Fuhrman did when he interviewed us:

Romania, what are you thinking? What do you think about your class trip there?

1. Isak Pettersson, 19 years, student, Burträsk.

Dracula’s castle. Mystery and excitement. Eastern European country. Language. Somewhat like French, as I understand. This is exciting, all the time.”

2. Ida Söderström, 18 years, student, Morön, Skellefteå.

Christina Soldan! We have some “crazy” teachers and a little “crazy” class, here anything can happen. I was also thinking about a dark castle. We’re studying the language, but it is really hard.”

3. Dennis Karlsson, 18 years, student, Sunnanå, Skellefteå.

“I was thinking about football penalties and 1994 FIFA World Cup, Sweden won. But it is fun to visit an unusual country. We do not travel there every day, exactly.”

PS – Bo Fuhrman has accepted via e-mail that we publish this entry on our blog.



  1. it’s great that we get publicity in the local media!

  2. Yeah that’s awesome! Soon we’ll be famous all over Sweden…or not.

  3. Yes.It`s nice to know different countries.I think it`s a good idea and i hope they will come here in Romania and stay with us at school and different places.

  4. congratulations for your newspaper article
    now our project its popular:D

  5. amazing!!!

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