Posted by: Christina Soldan | November 27, 2009

Info Meeting

Info-meeting with all CREW participants and their parents at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, SwedenYesterday we had an info meeting with all CREW participants and their parents. Stefan welcomed everyone and then, we presented the CREW project, the blog and its features. We also talked about how we are implementing the project in our school subjects and showed some student work. Christer presented the planning of our trip to Romania and back. Katarina was at the meeting, too.

After a good cup of coffee/tee, cakes and mingle, we continued planning the accommodation of the Romanian students when they come to Sweden. We discussed activities, health and other important things that we thought about hospitality in the north.

We have planned another meeting in January, before the Romanians coming to Sweden. Then Lennart Gustavsson and his daughter, Theresé, will come as guests. They have participated in a similar project with Örjanskolan in 2007 and they will tell us about their experiences from parents and students perspectives. The project name is BONDS. I and my daughter, Andrea, also participated in the project together with Lennart and Theresé, and we will show images and movies from BONDS.

Thanks all and especially CREW parents for a pleasant and fruitful meeting! Thanks Alina, Judit, and Alin because you were connected to Yahoo Chat Rooms and was able to quickly respond to parents’ questions! A modern meeting is evidence that long distance does not have any significance today… provided that the Internet and the technology works, of course… 🙂

// Christina Soldan



  1. And what did your parents say?
    Mines think that its a great idea 🙂
    i cant wait to meet your families 😀

  2. my parents are very excited about this project:D

  3. I haven’t discuss about this project with my parents.
    But, right now I’m very exited about it and my parents will also love this project like others.


    My Mom is a tutor in a community college

  4. Well, Jason, you’re a funny guy. Thanks for your comments and that you present a Torontos’ school but you missed our main information on this blog: This is a project into Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius, a School Partnerships SWEDEN – ROMANIA. So, your parents aren’t CREW parents 😦 But you’re welcome to keep in touch! 🙂

  5. You had a good idea to invite the parents who have been involved in our previous Comenius project with Orjanskolan because I consider that collaboration was a succesfull one. I think we will collaborate very good with the Swedish parents, and with the Romanian parents, too. Please give my greetings to Lennart and Therese! Does she learn in your school? It would be nice to meet the Swedish people who were involved in BONDS when we will come in Sweden.

    • Yes, Therése studies at the Arts Programme at Anderstorpsskolan. She dances linedance, too.

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