Posted by: jr | December 6, 2009

The First Advent


Christmas crècheThe word Advent is the abbreviation of the Latin which means the Lord’s arrival. The period covers the period from the fourth Sunday before Christmas until Christmas Eve. Church year begins the first Sunday in Advent and the day has been from the 1920s has become one of this year’s major church-time days. Psalms Pave the way for the Lord and Hosanna are singing publicly in the churches then.

The Advent celebration during the 1900s. Stars Advent, Advent candlesticks and Advent calendars come in the 1930s in Sweden.


Christmas poinsettiaWhen Christianity and thus the Christian Christmas was introduced in Scandinavia for about 1000 years ago introduced Advent fasting. This meant no meat food, drink, festivities and no wedding. Advent fasting was a preparation for the big joy holiday. After the 1500s, when we switched from Catholicism to Protestantism, the Advent fasting disappeared. At all times Advent has been a time of stillness. There was a popular notion that the word Advent, probably because of the linguistic similarity, had a relationship with pending.


Christmas amaryllisToday we can say that Christmas preparations accelerates during Advent. During Advent the Christmas wish lists must to be made, gifts purchased, the Christmas bread baked and Christmas food cooked. All the Christmas dinner must to be eaten in a restaurant and all Christmas preparations happening in the Advent star‘s light. The Swedes invite each other to Advent mulled with ginger and saffron bread and MANY Christmas sweets. Typical of Advent is red curtains, Advent stars , Advent candlesticks, Advent calendars, garland of flowers, poinsettia, hyacinth and amaryllis.

Advent candlestickThe Swedish Advent candlestick story begins in the 1870s and the model was taken from Germany. In Advent the Christmas tree was lit seven candles, one for each day of the week, for four Sundays. Seven children had to go up round of pleadings and lit candles and read from the  bible. In 1920 to 1930 century competed Advent tree out of the Advent candlestick with four candles. Advent candlesticks are now in most Swedish homes but have no tradition abroad.

The Advent StarThe Advent Star lights up our windows in December darkness. It is a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which guided the three wise men to the house with the newborn baby Jesus.

This year, the Advent begins on November 29, the same Sunday like Plate Sunday, which Andreas told us about. Have you, all CREW-students, done your Christmas wish lists? I have made my list… 🙂

//Andreea Soldan



  1. I saw your Christmas wish list on the fridge, Junior 🙂

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