Posted by: ioananaiza | December 6, 2009

The Story of St. Nicholas

The legend

Born into a region of Asia Minor in 270, in a rich and very spiritual family, loses his parents and, despite its heritage, choose humility and simplicity. Legend says that God guided steps to Mira where he was made bishop. Recognized by all as a generous man, died on 6 December 329, after a simple life in the service poor.

How do you recognize?

Saint Nicholas wear red clothes, white gloves, miter and a club-shaped hook, half-circle or open circle, symbol of power and authority. Is always accompanied by his friend, the donkey, laden with gifts for children … good.

Sf. NicolaeSaint Nicholas is an opportunity for children to receive gifts three weeks before Santa comes.

On eve of December 6, young children sit their shoes in front of the fireplace, or window, before going to bed.

//Naiza Vaida

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