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Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia day is a tradition that we celebrate every year on the 13th of December. We often celebrate Lucia by eating “lussebullar” witch is a kind of bun with saffron in it, but also by making a luciatåg and we sometimes stay up all night in a Lucia vaka.

LussebullarThis is a typical Lussebulle. I love saffron and these are my favorites! 

A Luciatåg is a group of people, often children who marches in on to some kind of a stage to perform for an audience, it’s also common that the parents takes their children to their relatives to sing for them. At the performance, the Lucia walks in first with candles lit on her head while the others are holding their candles in their hands, they are all wearing long white dresses with glitter in their hair and around their waist, this together with a lot of songs. Here are some songs that we use to sing on Lucia:


LuciatågThis is what a Lucia performance could look like. The tradition is a very nice and cosy tradition that many people likes to celebrate, especially they like to listen to a Lucia show witch often is held at their church or at their schools. Many schools like to put on a great show at Lucia that lots of the students are involved in. 

The celebration of Lucia has it’s background in many things. The name Lucia comes from Latin and means the light one, it has almost nothing to do with the Saint Lucia as many people believe it does. The biggest reason why we celebrate Lucia is because it’s said that the 13th of December was the longest night of the year and Lucifer, the man of darkness was active during that night but also because it was many unnatural things going on as well. So you can say that Lucia is mostly about to sit up at night to make sure that nothing bad happens and to hope that Lucia will give us light in the dark. And of course to eat some Lussebullar.
The tradition of our Luciatåg were we walk around from place to place and sing songs comes from many years back in time were the people used to walk between the houses in their neighborhood to sing songs in hope to collect money for their return home.

Nowadays we use to appoint and wote for the ones that we want to see as a Lucia when there are bigger shows to be held, here in Skellefteå we have a Skellefteå Lucia that we appoint every year, but we also have a Lucia that represent the whole Sweden as well. It is said that the Lucia should have long blond hair, but it’s not as important now as it used to be. There can be a dark Lucia just as much as a blond one. Our Skellefteå Lucia this year is a dark one, Amanda Moritz, ES2C on aestheticians programme at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå (one of Christina Soldans’ ex student on Computer Science). You can read an artikel about Amanda in our local magazine Norra Västerbotten. Swedens’ Lucia 2009 is Sofia Högmark from Heby, a light one.

//Amanda Holmqvist



  1. Great work, Amanda! I like “lussekatter” too… Soffran is very expensive and not so good for the health… eat carefully and drink a lot of milk on the “Lucia vaka” 😉

  2. I like very much your article about Santa Lucia. Congratulation!

  3. gigantic logbook you’ve get

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