Posted by: alinabraban | December 14, 2009

Wishes on Santa Lucia’s Day

I  read with  great interest  the information about  Santa Lucia and the holiday dedicated to her. I consider it’s  normal  to celebrate  such a saint  in a country  where the nights are so long in the winter season.

Hopefuly  Santa Lucia will bring you all warm in your homes  and holy light in your souls!

Christmas in RomaniaIn Romania, we don’t have  this holiday, but we have similar customs – specific kakes, songs wich we sing in houses of our neighbors, friends or relatives in the Christmas evening. We have a region in north of our country called Maramureş, where the old customs are preserved very well and in the Christmas evening the children and the adults, dressed in very nice popular suits, go from house to house singing carols.

Christmas in Romania

They get the cakes (buns) or nowadays money.  When you will come in  Romania, I intend make a trip in this region, because it’ s like you go back in time.

Please tell me if the Christmas is as  important  for you as  Santa Lucia.

//Alina Braban


  1. Will comming soon…

Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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