Posted by: camaranpaul | December 17, 2009

Thermal Spas in Romania

Romania is very well knowed by its thermal spas. Since antiquity, here were discovered some very important thermal water wells with curative properties, so because of that, people from that time had the great ideea to valorify these properties. 🙂

Here are two examples of the thermal spas from Romania… Next time I will post two again… and so on… 🙂


Resort / Geographic location

The resort is situated in the south-western Romania, at an altitude of 168 m, 8 km from the border with Mehedinti County and only 25 km from the border with Serbia.

Curative factors

Mountainous climate, with Mediterranean influences, sedative-matter, mineral isothermal and hyperthermia water(38-60 ° C), slightly radioactive, hypotonic, with different chemical compositions: sulfur, chloride, calcium, sodium, chloride, sodium, calcium; oligomineral.

Therapeutic indications

Rheumatism, post rheumatism, metabolic diseases, gynecological disorders, ophthalmic, cardiovascular disease.

Types of procedures

Aeroheliotherapy, thermal baths, the swimming Pool, sulfur and salt thermal baths in tubs and indoor pools; buvete for internal cure with minerals, installations hidrothermotherapy (and sauna), electrotherapy, knetoterapy, hidrokinetoterapy in pools; inhaloterapie; cure land.


Resort / Geographic location

Felix is a climatic spa and a resort town in Bihor County, Romania. The settlement is administrated as part of the village SânmartinFelix Resort is 8 km from Oradea, located in the south.

It is the largest resort with permanent regime in Romania, being the second, after the Black Sea coast, in the number of accommodation in Romania.

Curative factors

Rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, spondylosis, muscle disease condition, neurological and metabolic deficiencies.

Types of procedures

Electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, aerosols, massage, paraffin packing and other operations specific spa treatments.

Felix Resort permits also the making of tourism for relaxation. Some experts say that the hot springs were discovered around 1000, others consider that they were discovered around 1200, and according to other experts they were discovered only around 1700. You can still see there some the first buildings in this resort: between 1711-1721.

Thats all for now 🙂


//Paul Camaran



  1. Good working!!! And very interesting reading! 🙂 I hope that my colleagues and students learn more about Romania’s approach to water and its wholesome qualities.

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