Posted by: fellanw | December 18, 2009


Hello everyone!

I just want to say that the girls in SPID3b have won The Dundercup 2009 (Resounding Cup)!!

At the Dundercup the students of the school play floorball instead of having lessons. It always takes place a couple of days before the Christmas holiday. The classes are also competing for the best Intro at the Dunder Cup, and that is the way the class enters the sports hall. It is a matter of being as original as possible. The classes practise these intros very hard and many of them are  inventive and enjoyable. There are many classes that have dressed up in different outfits, for example as ninjas (we girls were), pirates of the caribbean, old ladies and old men etc.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to post but I hope somone has taken pictures.

//Felicia Vikberg


  1. Congratulations, girls! 😀 Very well done! I’ve been and seen all your games. Our film and photo CREW-Team will tell us all about Dundercup soon. They have great videos and pictures that show up from this year’s Dundercup. If you want more videos and pictures so I have a lot…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂

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