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Each year on 25 December we celabrate the Christmas. For the christians the Christmas is the biggest holiday in the year.  This is the Feast of the Nativity.

With 40 days before Christmas the people who are Ortodocs, don’t eat meat or diary products. In the past this religious custom was very strict.  Nawadays the people choose some days when they don’t eat these foods. Before 25 December we cut the pig and women prepae traditional foods even home made sausages. On the Christmas  Eve the Christmas tree is adorned with decorate globes, stuffs, instalations. On the Christmas Eve the children go carol singing in the village. Chidren go from door to door announcing the coming of Jesus.

Christmas is a family celebration and children expect Santa Claus to come with presents. On the Christmas Holiday people go to Church to celebrate Jesus Born.

This is the best holiday of the year.

//Ionut Hexan


  1. Interesting! Is it on December 24th, you start to celebrate Christmas or the 25th?

    You say: “we cut the pig and women prepae traditional foods even home made sausages”. You mean the man slaughtering a pig and women cooking? It sounds a bit old fashioned… My Romanian male friends are really good at cooking … Is defined rules chores for men and women in your homeplace?

    You cut the pig in town or is it just the farmer who makes it, in your country? In the city of Iasi, Romania, people usually buy meat at the store… and also in Sweden… unless you’re a farmer and you have a pig farm, of course…

    If you are a farmer and want to slaughter the pig meat must be examined and approved by the specialists before you can eat it. It is to avoid diseases such as salmonella. Otherwise it is illegal to sell or distribute the meat to other people. How is it in Romania?

    • Happy New Year for the bigining.

      In Romania, teoreticly we must buy meet from the store, or if we want to sloughter te pig at home (teoreticly and legaly) we must “asume” (kill it withaut pain) it, and afther that most of the people take a sample of meet to a laboratory to ceck if the meet is good for consumtion.

      In practice, unfortunatly, many pigs are sloughted witaut been “asume” and some citizants ignore the danger of an infestet meet and dont take meet samples to a specialist and so, sometimes the TV prezents news of intocsification because of not respecting this elementary roule of alimentary higiene. Maybe in a few years (decades?) the teoretic things will by the same like the practic tings, or maybe the Romanian traditional way of sloughtering te pigs for te Cristmas will beet te EU-normativs, who knows?

  2. Ah home we have a sort of mini pig farm and the meat is hundred procent good to eat.

  3. pictures man, pictures 😀

  4. i have but is top secret :))

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