Posted by: roxanapop92 | December 26, 2009

My Christmas Holiday

Christmas is celebrated each year on december. Me and my family start the preparations with three days before Christmas.The preparations consist in making food, cake and cleaning the house.We prepare: cakes,  mincend meat rolled in cabbge, sausages, and all kinds of  foods. On the 24th, early in the morning, we start working quickly to finish the food and we start cleaning. Then I usualy decorate the tree with my sister and pater, while my mother finishes her work in the kitchen. After the work is done we  wait the carol singers. By midnight we wait for the Santa Claus to bring gifts. Then many friend meet and go each other’s home to carol them,we go home in the morning.

The next morning we go to church and then we rest .In the afternoon all my family go to relatives, close friends visit them.We get back home in the morning.

On the 3rd day , we stay at home and wait the relatives or friend to visit us.

This was my Christmas holiday!

//Roxana Pop



  1. yes my cousin yes it is:D

  2. Nice Christmas family tradition. It looks like you were busy throughout the holiday season. Have you got some rest after all the festivities and before starting school? 🙂

  3. Does have you some pictures with you and your family??


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