Posted by: serj | January 1, 2010

New Year Party

After Christmas I have friends decided to spend New Year at my house!

On December 31 we all gathered and went shopping for the evening of the year. After shopping, we went to a friend after 2 big speakers and music. The party started at 22:00 price, then people began to gather after they arrived we all started to dance, eat and have fun short. At 00:00 I fixed myself and some friends went to the house to launch fireworks and see them on those launched in the city better, but the girls among them and Theodora, left the place to launch fireworks. At 00:00 we launched fireworks and drank champagne and we sang Happy Birthday! Then we got off the house and in the meantime have come and girls, then we had morning at 07:00 AM.

So I had me the New Year!

//Sergiu-Adrian Florea


  1. hey serj…
    nice pics. 😉
    [ I saw my back \:D/ ]

  2. looks like u all had a good time XD
    btw….nice back teo haha 😛

  3. thx guys 🙂
    [she don’t let me to take a picture from face 🙂 ]

  4. thanks paul :))
    [serj is my personal photographer] :))

  5. Have your friends decided that they should have a party at your place? What kind of friends you have?? 😉 It looks like a nice party! Party all night long…

  6. I did not know how I write but I asked (I talked to her and we decided to make to my house):)

  7. I have expressed me better 😀

  8. Looked like a nice party 🙂 Happy 2010!

  9. nice pics you have fun no joke:P:;))::D

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