Posted by: alinabraban | January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

The festive New Year celebration in Romania is completely intricated with the various New Year traditions that were practiced by early folks. Romanians still honor and observe the various New Year traditions to preserve the rich cultural heritage and ensure that the traditions are passed on to future generations.

Most of the New Year Traditions in Romania are meant to usher in good luck and fortune to the mass. A cherished New Year tradition in Romania is the “sorcova” that is wished by the children. A small branch or stick called “sorcova” is adorned with some coloured ornaments. Children touch the stick rhythmically and lightly to their elders, while congratulating them on the occasion and wishing them a long life, health and A Happy New Year.

You can see in the folow lines, the Romanian version of “Sorcova” and then, the English version writen by a modern  Romanian poet, Ion Minulescu:

Sorcova, vesela,A cherished New Year tradition in Romania is the sorcova that is wished by the children

Să trăiţi, să-mbătrâniţi,

Peste vară, primăvară,

Ca un păr, ca un măr,

Ca un fir de trandafir”

Tare ca piatra,

Iute ca săgeata,

Tare ca fierul,

Iute ca oţelul.

La anul şi la mulţi ani!

May you look with merry eyes

at that little bunch I rise,

tiny flowers may they bring

you an everlasting spring!

All the fragrance, all the bloom,

shall a fairy on her loom

weave for you, and smile, and wait

to open the golden gate !

May your steps be quick and strong,

always right and never wrong !

May you always find the ‘clue’,

see your dearest dreams come true,

have it always as you like,

and each time a lucky strike !




and as merry as you can !

To you and to all your dears

many, bright,

Happy New Years!

Children from the neighbourh

oud making traditional wishes on New Year’s Eve  in my house.

I wish you,  all the members of CREW team, A New Year 2010 full of healt and great moments!

// Alina Braban



  1. nice 🙂
    and a happy new year 😀

  2. Happy New Year, 2010! // wish Christin@ & Andrea from Iasi, Romania 😉

  3. why is so quiet on the blog??? 😐

  4. its very nice 😀

  5. very nice !! great job

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