Posted by: fellanw | January 6, 2010

Trettondagsafton (Epiphany)

Wise Men Adoration the BabyIn Sweden we have a day called Trettondagsafton (Epiphany) 5th january. It’s the day before thirteen day, 6th  january. Because It’s the thirteen day after Christmas. The holiday It’s also called Twelfth Night, because if you don’t expect the Christmas Day It’s twelve day’s after Christmas. The Epiphany is a celebration for Jesus’ baptism and Jesus’ birth.

The Gnostics who first sat the celebration of Jesus’ baptism an birth in use, later they started including in the Oriental Christian Church (but not the West) to celebrate baptism, 6 January. At least in Syria and Palestine was spread the feast important to include the birth of Jesus, who was believed to have invaded the same birthday as baptism.

During the 300s extended Epiphany celebration with several other partydays in connection with the Gospel story of Jesus’ childhood, the center of the festival cycle was 6 January. At the same time had Rome became to celebrate Jesus’ birthday already at 25th december, while no Epiphany party was there so the both traditions were in a conflict. So in the end of the 300s became the tradition with 25th december as Jesus’ birth (Rome) a traditon all over the world and the Epiphany at 6th january as the three wise men’s day. The day when the three wise men came to vistit Jesus to give him presents for his birth.

Epiphany is the last big holiday in the ecclesiastical celebration of Christmas. The real end of Christmas in Sweden is Sankt Knut’s Day, twenthy day’s after Christmas.

//Felicia Vikberg


  1. Good work, Felicia! I think this is another tradition we celebrated on the same way in Romania and Sweden. Am I right???

  2. Oh, great text. !! 🙂 😉

Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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