Posted by: juliastenmark | February 2, 2010

Candlemas Day (Kyndelsmässodagen)

Kyndelsmässodagen (= Candlemas Day)Kyndelsmässodagen (Candlemas Day) is the Virgin Marie church-walking-day. It’s a day of celebration in the church year. We celebrate Marie who 40 days after she gave birth to Jesus presented him in the temple. A woman who had just had a child was “unclean” but by carrying forward her  child at church after 40 days and sacrificing a lamb, she was “clean” again.

The event is said to come from a Jewish tradition that we have taken after. So, 40 days after 25 December the memory of Jesus’ birth is celebrated. It’s on 2 February that we celebrate Candlemas Day according to the Swedish calendar. But now we usually celebrate Candlemas Day on the next Sunday before or after 2 February. The day is also known as Little Christmas because there is a saying that Candlemas Day marks the end of Christmas in the church year.

Candle means light. It was believed that if people lit lots of candles in the churches, that would chase the winter away.

Personally, I have never celebrated this day because our family doesn’t go to church regularly, so I have no personal experience of that day. But if you go to church regularly and are a Christian you probably know exacly how and why the day is celebrated.

So this day is not big in Sweden. Now both you Romanians and we Swedes know more about what this day means!

// Julia Stenmark



  1. Very well done, Julia! A fine tradition that is not as well-known today… Perhaps it will disappear one day? I wonder if our Romanian friends have a similar tradition??

  2. very interesting 🙂
    i don’t know if we have this tradition i didn’t hear about it 😀

Thank you for your comment! // Christin@

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