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National Day of the Sami People, February 6th

Sami Map

The Sami people ( Sámi, Saami or Lapps, the homesite: Sápmi) are one of the indigenous people of northern Europe, which today include parts of northern Sweden,  the border area between south and middle Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The Sami people are among the largest indigenous ethnic groups in Europe. Their traditional languages are the Sami languages.

The total population is somwhere between 80,000 – 135,00. The Sami lives mostly on coastal fishing, fur trapping, ans sheep herding. About 10% of the Sami people are connected with the reindeer herding.For traditional, environmental, cultural, and political reasons, reindeer herding is legally reserved only for Sami people in certain regions of the Nordic countries. But not all Sami people live like this, many of them lives in the cities and lives and works with stuff like everybody else.

Sami in Sweden

On February 6th will the Sami flag hang outside all official government buildings in recognition of Sami National Day.
1917 , on February 6th was the first Sami national council meeting held in Trondheim, The Sami, commonly referred to as Lapplanders in the past, first celebrated this day in 1993 as a union of the indigenous voices across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.w and that’s why they pick that date for celebration.

Sami FlagThe flag, designed by Astrid Bahl was adopted at the 13th Sami conference held in Sweden, 1986. The blue and the red divisions of the ring have been said  to represent the moon and the sun.

The other colours have tree ways of mening:

Some people says they represent the four elements: Red for fire, Blue for water, Green for earth and Yellow for air.

Others see the colours brings forth the traditional Sami dress, and some suggests that the colors has been inspired and created in the directions of the national flags of NorwaySweden and Finland.

Song of Sami Family

Far in the north under the Plough
Far in the north during the Plow
looms quietly the land of Lapps:
looms quietly the land of Lapps:
a field lies behind a field,
a field lies behind a field,
a lake spreads near a lake,
a lake spreads near a lake,
peaks on ridges,
tops on bare fields peaks on Ridges,
tops on bare fields
rise against the sky; rise against the sky;
rushing rivers, wuthering forests,
rushing rivers, Wuthering forests,
steep steel capes stick
Steep steel CAPES knitting
into roaring seas
into roaring seas.

To be honest I don’t really know that much about the Sami peple, even though they aren’t living that far away I have never really met a “real” Sami. The only Sami that have crossed my way is those who live on reindeer herding. Sometimes in the winter you can see them with their reindeers, driving on their scooters, when you are going somewhere by car.

But I find it pretty fascinating though, it’s an old way of living that were more common back in the days when there were only Sami people living in north. (I mean for those who are really living out in the nature.)

Sami in Sweden

// Sofie Ögren



  1. Sweet, Sofie! Have a nice day!! 😀

  2. A very interesting material. I think the Sami people are more or less like the shepherds from Romania, who live from sheep herding, and they also travel from one place to another, but not on a scooter, but on foot. It’s not an easy way of living.
    Nice work Sofie

  3. nice work Oi ;D

  4. nice work Sofie, its very nice this article:P:D

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