Posted by: paulalarisa | February 9, 2010

The Black Sea

The Black Sea, RomaniaThe Black Sea coast is a wellknown place for holiday among the Romanians. This is due to the hot days and warm water we found there in summer. The turistic season is starting arround 15 June and it’s ending in the 15th of September but you can find tourists also in May and September. In the other months there is little activity on the sea coast and many touristic places are looking almost deserted.

Close to Constanţa, the main town on the seaside, there is a salt lake called Techirghiol, filled with a black and stinky mud which is very good against rheumatism and other related diseases. You can see many people buying this mud and covering their articulations. They look like indians ready to fight with the cowboys.

Very close to this resort is the Danube Delta, a heaven for those who want to go fishing ar for those who love nature. A unique place, with milions of birds and nice landscapes which deserves a dedicated the me.

//Paula Biris



  1. Indeed, going to the Black Sea during the summer time, is one of the most liked resort for young people, and not only, even for families. They like to go by car, because on the way to the seaside, they can stop in the Carpathian mountains, which is another attraction for tourists. I have to admit that I was at the Black Sea, when I was in the 5th grade, in a camping, it was great. I hope I will go one day with my husband. Nice information about

  2. the Black Sea

  3. Nice work, Paula! I am sure that William is very grateful for your help, right William?

  4. Well, I, Andrea and Sofie, was there on the last summer. It was so FUN!!! Please read about that on my own blog –

    Marina Surf i Svarta Havet, Copyright 2009 - Christina Soldan

    We saw Duffy too 🙂 and we film her 🙂 Please se the movie on my blog –

  5. Paula worked well and we hope to help our friends any need

  6. and we try to work harder to project

  7. It took me a long time to search on the net, only your site explain the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

    – Laura

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