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The Lapis Forest – Protected Natural Area in Sălaj County

Lapis is a natural protected forest, the largest protected area of Sălaj county, with an area of 430,4 Ha. The Lapis Forest was declared natural protected area by the Government Decision 2151 in 2004. The Lapis Forest is a natural reservation of forestry and forest fauna administered by the Şimleu Silvaniei Forestry.

The protected area is located near the village Nuşfalău, which is about 9 km from Simleu Silvaniei.

The Lapis is one of the last areas that preserves the biodiversity of the forest habitats that once covered most of the Sălaj county territory. In terms of forest vegetation, the Lapis forest consists of over 60% oak trees. Others species of trees from the forest are: the Turkey oak flasks, red oak, pendunculate oak, larch, strobe pine, black pine, lime, peanuts.

Through its biodiversity, the Lapis Forest gives shelter to a number of 40 species of birds and 10 species of mammals. It also houses some mammal species which are protected by national and international laws. There is also a reservation where roe deer and deer grow.

Due to its high biodiversity, espescially the birds listed in the EU Birds Directive, the Lapis Forest entered the European ecological network The Natura 2000 as a Special Protected Bird AreaThe Natura 2000 is an ecological network of protected natural areas, regarding the conservation of natural habitats, of fauna and flora. The aim is to restore a favourable conservation status of specific habitats, designated to protect species of wild migratory birds.

Protected birds

Fâsa de pădure (Anthus trivialis)/Trädpiplärkan/The Tree Pepit Ciuful de pădure (Asio Otus)/Hornugglan/The Long – eared owl Şorecarul comun (Buteo buteo)/Ormvråken/The Common Buzzard

Fâsa de pădure (Anthus trivialis)/Trädpiplärkan/The Tree PepitCiuful de pădure (Asio Otus)/Hornugglan/The Long – eared owl and Şorecarul comun (Buteo buteo)/Ormvråken/The Common Buzzard

Florintele (Cardeulis chlorits)/Grönfink/Greenfinch Botgrosul (Coccothraustes coccothraustes)/Stenknäck/Hawfinch Corbul (Corvus corax)/Korp/Raven

Florintele (Carduelis chloris)/Grönfinken/The European GreenfinchBotgrosul (Coccothraustes coccothraustes)/Stenknäcken/The Hawfinch and Corbul (Corvus corax)/Korpen/The Raven

Ciocănitoarea (Dendrocopos minor)/Mindre hackspett/Woodpecker Presura galbenă (Emberiza cintrinella)/Gulsparv/Yellowhammer Muscarul gulerat (Ficedula albicollis)/Halsbandsflugsnappare/Collared Flycatcher

Ciocănitoarea (Dendrocopos minor)/Mindre hackspetten/The Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerPresura galbenă (Emberiza citrinella)/Gulsparven/TheYellowhammer and Muscarul gulerat (Ficedula albicollis)/Halsbandsflugsnapparen/The Collared Flycatcher

Cinteza (Fringilla coelebs)/Bofinken/The Chaffinch Privighetoarea (Luscinia megarhynchos)/Sydnäktergalen/Nightingale Muscarul sur (Muscicapa striata)/Grå flugsnappare/The Spotted Flycatcher

Cinteza (Fringilla coelebs)/Bofinken/The ChaffinchPrivighetoarea (Luscinia megarhynchos)/Sydnäktergalen/Nightingale and Muscarul sur (Muscicapa striata)/Grå flugsnappare/The Spotted Flycatcher

Protected animals

Mistreţul (Sus scrofa)/Vildsvin/Wild boar Vulpea (Vulpes vulpes)/Räven/The Red Fox Jderul de copac(Martes martes)/Mården/Tree Marder

Mistreţul (Sus scrofa)/Vildsvinet/Wild boarVulpea (Vulpes vulpes)/Räven/The Red Fox and Jderul de copac(Martes martes)/Mården/Tree Marder

Veveriţa (Sciurus vulgaris)/Ekorren/Squirrel Pisica sălbatică (Felis sylvestris)/Vildkatten/Wildcat Hârciogul (Cricetus cricetus)/Den europeiska hamstern/Dormouse

Veveriţa (Sciurus vulgaris)/Ekorren/SquirrelPisica sălbatică (Felis sylvestris)/Vildkatten/Wildcat and Hârciogul (Cricetus cricetus)/Den europeiska hamstern/Dormouse

Cerbul lopatar(Dama dama)/Dovhjorten/The Fallow deer Cerbul (Cervus elaphus)/Kronhjorten/The Red Deer Cåpriorul (Capreolus capreolus)/Rådjuret/The European Roe Deer

Cerbul lopatar(Dama dama)/Dovhjorten/The Fallow deerCerbul (Cervus elaphus)/Kronhjorten/The Red Deer and Cåpriorul (Capreolus capreolus)/Rådjuret/The European Roe Deer

//Judit Vig and Daniel Bilav



  1. great!!!!!!!!

  2. Very interesting and informative article! Here is the fox a pest and it hunted a certain period of the year. The Swedes does not take advantage of the coat…

    The wild cat is so cute! A neighbor of mine has a house cat that looks exactly the same. A young male cat who usually visit us occasionally.

    I’ve hold a little wild cat kiddy when I was little. I had found it at a nest in an one of the most beautiful Romanian forests. It was so cute!! The mother cat was not happy about that but I gave the kitten back and I ran away before she attacked me.

  3. great work!!!

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