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Favourite Sports in Romania

In Romania, the most popular sport remains football with over 100,000 players and over 3,000 clubs. The most important Romanian football teams are: FC Steaua Bucureşti, FC Rapid Bucureşti, FC Dinamo Bucureşti and CFR Cluj. The best football player for  Romania was Gheorghe Hagi.   

Gheorghe Hagi

Gheorghe Hagi, born February 5, 1965 in Săcele), is a  Romanian former football player . He was famous for his passing, close control, long shots and was regarded as one of the best attacking midfielders in Europe during the 1980s and 1990s.   

Nicknamed The Maradona of the Carpathians, he is considered a hero in his homeland as well as in Turkey. He has won his country’s Player of the Year award six times, and was recently named  Romanian football player of the century.  

He played for the  Romanian national team in three FIFA World Cups in 1990, 1994 and 1998, as well as in three UEFA European Football Championships in 1984, 1996 and 2000. He won a total of 125 caps for  Romania, being ranked second after Dorinel Munteanu, and scored 35 goals, being rank.   

Girls teams a sport that occupies the second place among the preferences of the public, after football.

Girls teams a sport that occupies the second place among the preferences of the public, after football.

Besides football there are other sports which are loved by  Romanians, these are: handball, basketball, rugby, tennis and gymnastics. Romanian handball has a brilliant success and therefore it national team won the men’s world championship 4 times and the women’s world championship in 1962. The club teams won the supreme title in Europe over the years. There are currently nearly 5,000 professional players and over 140 handball clubs.   

Romanian boys' team

Romanian boys' team

The  Romanian basketball and rugby have also great players, who have international value, in this respect  Romania being one of the countries with recognized reputation around the world. Both sports have over 5,000 professional players and the number of existing clubs is impressive, the rugby has about 56 clubs and the basketball has over 100 clubs across the country.   

Nadia Comåneci

Nadia Comåneci

The  Romanian gymnastics has become popular worldwide, not only in Romania recording outstanding successes by the national team. One of the best known gymnast in  Romania is Nadia Comåneci.   

Countless gold medals were won by the  Romanian gymnasts at the World Championships and the Olympics. Unfortunately now we are witnessing a decline in the  Romanian gymnastics due to a period in changing of generations, and the decline of interest in this sport which was once very loved by the  Romanians.   

Ilie Nåstase

Ilie Nåstase

The Romanian tennis was made internationally known thanks to Ilie Nåstase and other players of his generation. Since then things have witnessed an upward path, but nobody could equal Ilie Nåstase’s success. Among the women players are known famous names such as Virginia Ruzici, Irina Spirlea or Ruxandra Dragomir who also saw great success throughout their professional career. Currently there are nearly 16,000 legitimate players and over 130 tennis clubs.   

Mihai Leu

Mihai Leu

The boxing and martial arts have gained an important place among the people’s preference in recent years. Boxing managed to win the hearts of  Romanians with the successes of  Mihai Leu, Lucian Bute and Leonard Doroftei who brought the name of  Romania with honour abroad. These sports have many fans over the years. Martial arts in  Romania, including karate and judo fighters have over 11,000 clubs over 300 organizations.   

Leonard Doroftei

It is good to know that Romania was present in 18 of the 25 editions of the Summer Olympics and won many medals at the World Championships held worldwide.   

The  Romanians like sports and they don’t only watch them on TV, but they often try to achieve outstanding performance and few of them even do this after much work and superhuman efforts.  

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  2. WOW!! Very nice and interesting work! 😀 I hope Amanda gets very grateful for your fine efforts. Am I right, Amanda?

  3. An important boxer of the moment is Lucian Bute wo is the world chapion of IBF super middleweight category.
    In football at the moment the moast importants players are Cristian Chivu (Inter Milan) and Adrian Mutu (Ac Fiorentina). An important football coach is Mircea Lucescu from Sahtar Donet (Ucrain) wo also coached in Turky and Italy.

  4. Well. Even Hagi couldn’t beat us in 94.

  5. ill be like in Scary Movie…xD
    *What`s your favourite scary movie (evil laff ) ?? *
    just that now ill say *Whats your swedesh fav sports ? * 🙂

    GO LEONARD !! hehe

  6. Great! This will be perfect for my work 🙂

  7. Nastase is a hero

  8. Gheorghe Hagi is a legend! RESPECT.

  9. Hagi is the best, it’s like Diego Maradona or Pelé 😀

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