Posted by: serj | February 27, 2010

Romanian Learn Swedish Language – Lesson 1

Today, February 26th, we have started the Swedish language. Our colleague, Olinka, who  spent three years in Sweden and speaks Swedish fluently, today she was our teacher.  She was helped by our teachers, Mrs. Judith Vig and Mrs. Alina Braban. For two hours we had tried to learn a few useful words and phrases. In the end we all know to say “hello” and introduce ourselves. We have found some similarities between the Swedish and English language which helped us a little to memorize some words. We found some funny combinations, such as for example “God dag!” with “good dog” in English, which made us have fun and enjoy the lesson. After this first lesson we can say that Swedish is a difficult language and very different from the languages we have had contact up to now, but it is a pleasure for us to try to learn it as it is something very interesting.

//Sergiu-Adrian Florea


  1. It was an intresing experience 😀

  2. Indeed we all enjoyed our first contact with Swedish. It’s not easy to memorize the words, but at least we can pronounce them. We will have tried to learn some words by the time we go to Sweden.

  3. The Swedish language i pretty hard to learn on 20 h… but you’re my heroes. “God dog???” Hehehe… Nice work, Olinka 😛

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