Posted by: teodoraardelean | February 28, 2010

1st March

Hej! 🙂

The Romanian folklore has developed the confluence of two big regions of the european civilisation : the west and the south.The Romanian culture preserves the memory of its ancestors,so among the four most important myths of the Romanian people is also the myth of the 1st March and the trinket (mărţişor).

Red and white thread (red means love for all beautiful things and the white symbolizes the health and the purity of the snowdrop's, which is the first flower of spring.)The Romanian people celebrate the spring in an unique way on the 1st March.In the past when the spring came the people tied red and white thread of the trees in order to drive the bad spirits away.

Nowadays the *trinket is a simbol of spring* (*the trinket can have different shapes, it can be a flower, a cute animal,a horseshoe… and it is tied with red and white thread (red means love for all beautiful things and the white symbolizes the health and the purity of the snowdrop’s, which is the first flower of spring). So on 1st March the people give trinkets to the people they love or to ladies as a sign of respect. There are different habits regarding this tradition, depending on the region. Here in our town,the girls give trinkets to the boys in their classroom or the boys they like. The students can also give trinkets to the teachers or mothers.It is also common that members of the family to give each other trinkets as a symbol of spring and love*. (*Those who got a trinket,put in on the clothes and wear it for some weeks).

A lot of trinkets

A lot of trinkets


The shops are full with pretty trinkets and you can even buy one from the strees stall.




So we send you all a trinket as a symbol of spring and of our friendship. ❤

See ya!

//Teodora Ardelean and Diana Blaga



  1. Nice work, girls! Another wonderful Romanian tradition as a sign of respect for each other. This tradition does not exist in Sweden or another part of the world. As I now this is a very old tradition fron th Dacians time. I’m I right?

    I wish you a very happy 1st March and a lot of nice trinkets!! 😀

    • 🙂 I wish you ALL a very happy 1st March and a lot of nice trinkets!! ❤ 🙂

  2. Great girls again!!!
    You take your tasks very seriously and I like that. You will have 10 at English.

    • WOW, 10 points in English… it’s not bad at all, girls! It’s like MVG in Sweden 🙂 Congratulations!! 😀

  3. It seems that tomorrow I’ll receive a Trinket 😛
    good job girls 🙂

    • Well, I hope you have a lot of trinkets to give to all people you love and respect and I hope you’ll get a lot of trinket too… Good luck in that and have a nice 1 st March!! 🙂

  4. I like your idea to say Hello! in Swedish and I appreciate you don’t miss any Romanian tradition. BRAVO girls! Keep going this way!

  5. Interesting tradition =), I have actually got one of those trinkets as you call them at my home o.O
    I made it when I was a kid.

    • Nice Nils, that you’re getting a bit nostalgic when reading this article! It is certainly a very fine piece of jewelry you made. Nice that’s you kept it … 🙂

  6. dont worry Nils
    i have a bag full with trinkets.( i got them from girls when i was younger :|…well…i think i still have the bag o.O) and i will get u some of them lol xD

    • WOW! No comments… just this:

    • haha paul.when you was old are you?71?:))

      • yup…when i was younger 😛
        when i had like 12-14 yo 😛

  7. today it’s the ,,BIG DAY” 😛

  8. btw…thank you.:)

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