Posted by: Christina Soldan | February 28, 2010

Planned Activities in March 2010

Students prepare video presentations and PowerPoint files to present the different aquatic ecosystems chosen, they post them on the blog and comment them.

The World Water Day (WWD), will be marked by organizing debates on water quality and saving different ecosystems, leaflets distribution with ecological content and publications in local newspapers about the aims of the project.

The Romanian students visit Sweden where they will carry out activities that have been planned together. Planning and implementation will be presented by students and teachers in text, pictures and video clips on the project blog. The biographical sheets will be presented and compared. A trilingual dictionary of technical terms will be created. Mixed groups of students (RO-SE) will write essays on different themes: “What would society be today without the contribution of the selected personalities?” A questionaire will be elaborated in which the importance of clean water is assessed. Visits to different ecosystems in the region are made. 

At the end of their visit to Skellefteå, there will be both a written and an oral evaluation of the project so far. 

// Christina Soldan


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