Posted by: Christina Soldan | March 5, 2010

What is Copyright?

The copyright symbol drawn in SVG. This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons -

What is Copyright?

Whenever you write a poem or story or even a paper for your class, or a drawing or other artwork, you automatically own the copyright to it. You alone have the right to do any of the following or to let others do any of the following:

  • make copies of your work
  • distribute copies of your work
  • perform your work publically
  • display your work publically
  • make modifications, adaptations or other new uses of a work, or translating the work to another media.

How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?

Copyright protection starts from the moment of creation of the work and continues until 70 years after the death of the author or artist. You need not make an application, the work is protected by copyright.

Do I have © on my works?

There is no requirement that you have a copyright symbol on your work because it is protected by copyright law under the Berne Convention in Sweden and most other countries have signed. At the end of 1997, 127 countries had signed this convention. The Copyright symbol is necessary before the work is protected by the Universal Copyright Convention.

If I find an interesting article in a magazine and then write about it in their own language, can I publish this?

An article in itself is not protected by copyright law. You may not outright copy an article and then disseminate it, but you can gather information from an article and then write your own article on the same subject but in your own words.

Join / manipulate images

If you want to change something in someone else’s images, for example, by using Photoshop or another image editing program, crop, retouch or change colors, you should ask for the author’s permission. This applies even if you have been given permission to use the picture in school work or had to publish the material on the school website.

Creative Commons images

If the images are licensed under certain copyright licenses (see above) has the right to process the images. Only two of six copyright licenses from Creative Commons contains barriers to treatment. While morgueFile Free License allows processing.

Free images

// Christina Soldan


  1. this was really intresting, every body is using my photos in some kind of way , i show them my photo and than they show my photos to somebody else. but its ok, they make my publicity . 😛

  2. If you think it is okay then no problem. But they may not show licensing or use your photos without your permission. You are the only one who have copyright to your photos and everything you produce – text, sound, animation and images. The copyright it lasts in 70 years after your death, under the law.

    This means that we produce here on the blog may not be copied, plagiarized, but it must be self-made. If you believe that any text is interesting as one can use it in quotes. That is, you write the text, on the quotes and it shows the source that were you taken the text. Even when you use other people’s texts that inspired you always leave the source (author name + name + name of the text on the magazine or book or web address). It may not be copied others’ work and submit as their own. It is not allowed!

    Regarding pictures, I gave suggestions on websites with free images. That is, pictures that are allowed to be used by anyone for their own work or purpose.

  3. Awesome blog , thanks for the post!

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