Posted by: teodoraardelean | March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ladies!

Flowers for the International Women's Day8th March is the International Women Day and it is celebrated in Romania too. This day is dedicated to all the women, from the youngest girl to the oldest woman. On thins day, the women get much attention from the loved person,friends or theis children. The women and the girls recive a lot of presents which are prepared with much love,starting from greeting cards, flowers, chocolate to the most expensive thinks like jewelleries, perfumes so on.

The little children prepare greeting cards in different shapes such as snowdrops, hearts and others. These are given to their mothers with much love.

Flowers for the International Women's Day

At school the students give flowers and little presents to their women teachers. The girls who gave trinkets to the boys on the 1st March, are waiting now to receive little presents from them.

Everybody are waiting this day and we,the girls and the women,enjoy the attention we get on this special day.

Happy birthday ladies!  😀

//Teodora Ardelean and Diana Blaga



  1. Thank you, young ladies! I wish you a happy International Women’s Day too!!

  2. Happy Birthday to all Women’s and Ladies 😉

    • Hmmm… what is the difference between “women” and “ladies”???

  3. women are adult and ladies are young girls 🙂
    i hope you understand what i whant to say 😀

    ps. Mr.Chrisitna give me add or

  4. Nice work girls.
    i hope you got a lot of flowers and kisses today!

  5. :D:P::D:DD

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