Posted by: Christina Soldan | March 16, 2010

Nils’, Jonas’, Leo’s and Benjamin’s Plans for Wednesday, 17/3

Week 11, Wednesday, 17/3

at 8:30-10:30

Welcome to Anderstorpsskolan!

The headmaster Birgitta Lindström welcomes everyone and shows the Romanians around the school: reception, staff room, school nurse, refectory, the school’s various corridors and different programs, etc. SPID3b and the SPID-team have regular lessons during that time.

Anderstorpsskolan - Skellefteå, Sweden

Welcome to Anderstorpsskolan – a creative school!

at 11:30-13:00

LUNCH with SPID3b and SPID-teachers who are able and want to.

at 13:00-13:35

Go together to the bus station. Not Nils, Viktor, Sofie, Felicia, Hannes, Amanda and Jacob because they have mathematics D and Chemistry B at VUX.

at 13:35-16:10

Travel by bus or own car to Rönnskär. Visit Rönnskär Museum and smelting plant (Jonas‘, Leo‘s and Benjamin‘s responsibilities). The Swedish teachers Stefan, Christina and Christer go with the group.

at 16:10-19:00

Sledge and barbeque (Jonas, Nils, Leo and Benjamin are responsible for that, the teachers Christina and Katarina go with the group. NOTE: You should have warm clothing.

// Christina Soldan

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