Posted by: Christina Soldan | March 21, 2010

Snowmobiles, Reindeer, Sauna and Scary Movies

Andrea B., Paula and Fredrik, Andrea S:s big brotherToday we have been on a snowmobile safari with Andrea Soldan‘s father, Gunnar, and big brother, Frederick. We went from Ursviken to a resting- place at the Burträsk Road.

Andrea B., Paula, Gunnar and Fredrik driving snowmobile between reindeers

Reindeers in Skellefteå, Sweden

On the way, at Hundtjärn, we saw lots of reindeer. Wonderful!

Gunnar, Fredrik and Paula

At the resting-place, we grilled sandwiches and hot dogs and with it we enjoyed our hot chocolate.

Andrea B. in snow - Skellefteå, Sweden   Paula in snow - Skellefteå, Sweden

 In total, we drove about 70 km. Sweet!

In the evening we were in Jonas‘ and Sofie‘s summer cottage and had a sauna and we rolled about in the snow. It was a new experience for us! Brrr! Many other  CREW-students came there, too. Fun! Sofie will surely show pictures then …

Andrea S. Sofie, Hannes, Viktor, Jonas, Andrea B. och Paula at Andreas' home - Skellefteå, Sweden

In the evening we were at Andreas‘ home and we saw some movies together with many other CREW-students, both Romanian and Swedish. What a wonderful day! We hope that your day was wonderful, too.



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