Posted by: Christina Soldan | March 25, 2010


at 5:30

The host families bring their guests to Skellefteå Airport: Samuel, Julia, Amanda, Ida, Nils, William, Viktor, Isak, Felicia, Jonas, Sofie, Andrea and the teachers Christer and Christina. Farewell! We miss you already!!

// Christina Soldan


  1. I miss you sooooo much romanians!! I really looking forward too meet you again in the autumn!!

    I hope the trip back to Romania was good! 🙂

  2. It’s pretty empty here right now when you are gone. I’m really looking forward to meet you in Simleu in October! I’m also hoping that you enjoyed your stay here in Skellefteå 🙂

  3. i miss you too guys 🙂 and I can not wait to come in Romania (BABES) 😀

  4. Yah it is a lil empty when u all are gone, we had some great moments x).
    But well meet in simleu =p
    So keep in touch =)

  5. Hi:D:D:D guys wat’s up?i miss your was great in sweden.

  6. Haha we’ll see eachother in Simleu soon enough, but it’s right what nils says – it’s empty without you guys here, we did so much fun together here in Sweden! 🙂

    Bine! Ce faci?

  7. I agree with Nils, Jonas and Felicia. It feels a bit empty now, when you have returned to Romania. It has been really fun and very educational for us all to have you here! It is great to follow upp your entire visit in Skellefteå, from the beginning to the end, and see how we all have built such strong friendships in just ten days. It was great to see how the 50 people, 50 different personalities from two different European cultures can have so much fun with each other every day, every minute, every second. It’s amazing! I am very proud of all of your CREW-people, both Romanians and Swedes! You have done a GREAT job! I love you all, I miss you, Romanians and I look forward to a reunion in Romania in the fall! I can not wait… ❤

  8. I noticed how empty the house was when I came home from school on friday. I went down staires to see if AndreaB and Paula wanted to hang out or something 😛 (A) Totally forgot that you left (A)

    I miss you all guys and hope you liked the visit in Swe :)!!

    See ya soon!!!!

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