Posted by: serj | April 1, 2010

1 Aprilie (1th April)

Known as Fools Day, 1th April  and 1th June is  one of  favorite children day’s, each year trying to fool their parents and teachers. For the people with sense of humor and a taste for force, 1th April is a great opportunity for fun. For pupils who have many “enemies” or playful friends, might be more like a day when he was not willing to leave the house.

1th April

I will return with some happens!

//Sergiu-Adrian Florea


  1. look…there are footprints on the ceiling :O

  2. I was foolished today. As I was going to school this morning, one of my colleague took me into his car. I completely forgot it was 1st April. He told me very seriously to hurry because we would be late for school, and then he said, you know your trousers are torn. I got amazed and told him to stop the car to go home and change my trousers. In that minute he started to laugh and I knew it was a trick for 1st April. It was fun, but from then on I was careful not to be foolished again.
    Funny, isn’t it?

  3. In Sweden we don´t celebrate this day. It was more popular in the past… Now it is celebrated just on the magazines or TV…

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