Posted by: samyy92 | April 4, 2010

How We Celebrate Easter in Romania!

On Easter we celebrate the resurrection of  the Jesus Christ. In this period of the year we try to behave better and be good with the others. One week before Easter we start preparing the traditional foods, which are very yummy. My favourite traditional food is the lamb which is prepared and made in different ways. Also for Easter we prepare salad, lamb haggis, ham, Easter cake, and the most important the eggs are boiled and  painted.

On the night before Sunday we go to church where we get a cup of wine with bread inside. We spend some ours in the church and around it. After that the Romanian people return to their homes and celebrate Easter with their family. On Sunday the family members get around the  table and have the traditional meal.

There is a custom to break the painted eggs. Two people take each ones an egg, one says “Cristos a înviat!” (Christ is Risen!) and the other say “Adevărat a înviat!” (Truly, He is Risen!). Children especially love breaking the eggs.

There is another custom on Easter, the sprinkling. On Monday morning the boys go from house to house to sprinkle the girls with perfume or spray. The boys also say some nice Easter poems. The girls give them painted eggs and cakes. It is a lot of fun.

Even if I wrote a little bit late about the Easter customs in Romania, I hope you will enjoy reading about them.

Lamb haggis, Romanian Easter Romanian coloured Easter eggs

//Samuel Man



  1. It’s important to write articles on the blog, even if it’s a little bit late, it’s better than never. Anyway it’s a very nice article. Keep writing articles on the blog. “I force you” ):

  2. Read You Loud and Clear:D

  3. Nice article, Samyy!! Keep good working!! 🙂

  4. That looks good!

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