Posted by: Christina Soldan | April 6, 2010

Cultural Exchange at Anderstorpsskolan

Cultural Exchange at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå, Sweden

World Water Day. Coordinator. Party organizers.
This week, the Romanian and Swedish class celebrated World Water Day together. Teacher Christina Soldan             is in all threads. “I am very happy with the week ‘, she says. Jonas Ögren and Jacob Eliasson organized the welcoming of the Romanians.



The first time
Samuel Man tried to skate for the first time. Here, with Viktor Holmström, his Swedish host.
Photo: Ulf Johannson

Cultural Exchange at Anderstorpsskolan

Skellefteå – Free school lunches, cross-country skiing and an  icehotel. The SPID-programme at Anderstorpsskolan has invited Romanian students to a 10-day journey into Swedish culture.

“They tried some Swedish traditional dishes such as  meatballs, black pudding and fermented Baltic herring. They were a bit skeptical about potato dumplings stuffed with meat (= palt).”
Jacob Eliasson, SPID3b

It is part of an EU-project where students at Anderstorpsskolan and a Romanian class get a twenty-hour crash course each in each other’s language and there is also an exploration of respective culture in order to enhance the awareness and knowledge of foreign cultures.

 – They have been here for ten days and tried everything possible. We will go visit them in the autumn, said Jonas Ögren, SPID3b.

He added that the Romanians liked Anderstorpsskolan and they were surprised that school lunch was free.

Visited the Ice Hotel

The classes have been going to various tourist attractions. Among other things, they visited the Ice Hotel, JukkasjärviRönnskär Museum and the WWTP Tuvan

The Romanian, Samuel Man, 17 years, is pleased with the Sweden trip. He especially liked it when he tried different winter sports for the first time. 

– The country is nice and the people are nice. I thought that cross-country skiing, skating and downhill skiing was really fun, he says.

Dracula’s Castle

The Romanian English teacher Judith Vig is well under way in planning the Skellefte-students’ autumn visit to Iuliu Maniu, Romania. She reveals that they are going to visit Dracula’s famous castle and focus on Romanian traditional dances and songs.

 – We will also demonstrate how our education system works. So you will understand that yours is better. You focus more on practical subjects like music, art and sports. I like that, she says.

Christoffer Åhlund

(Source: the local newspapper Norran, Friday, 26 March 2010)

//translated by Christina Soldan



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  5. miss you my swedish friends especially viktor.

    • Samy, I miss you and Rareş too ! But remember, you will never beat me in fifa;)

  6. Indeed we get to miss you more and more!
    A nice article!
    Have a nice week!

  7. yes i am so sorry I couldn’t come but maybe we will meet some day the article is verry nice and it’s a great ideea to get them to the dracula’s castle:)

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