Posted by: nils91 | April 30, 2010

Walpurgis Night (Valborgmässoafton)

Walpurgis night is an religious tradition we have here in Sweden. The tradition is celebrated today by Christian and non-Christian communities on April 30 or May 1. The tradition also celebrates in Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic and Finland

Fire-works on Walpurgis night in Sweden

In Sweden we celebrate Walpurgis night on April 30 with a huge bonfire that we have done with our garden waste like twigs and branches, and also old rubbish that we have collect trough the year. We also celebrate with a lot of fire-works. 

Swedish Walpurgis fire

Huge bonfire was on the 18th century lit to scare away predators. And at the pagan period Swedes are celebrating Walpurgis night with an older festival that was connected to the dead ones. Now it’s just a moment for people to enjoy and grill sausages, but also to party with friends (Source: Loggbook).

/Nils Bergmark and Jonas Ögren


  1. This is from your booklet, Jonas and Nils! Have a good journey in Italy!! 🙂

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