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BIOSE – a Project Full with Bright Ideas

Following the second project reunion within the BIOSE multilateral Comenius project hosted by our school, a delegation of 4 teachers and 5 students from our college has recently participated at the third reunion that took place in two of our partner schools involved in the project, between 8th of April and 18th of April.

BIOSE - a warm-hearted but also full of elegance welcome given by the school’s director and by the Town Hall representatives

A warm-hearted but also full of elegance welcome given by the school’s director and by the Town Hall representatives made us revive in our minds the pompous ceremonies organised by the French kings along time.




The testimonials of such ceremonies he had the esquisite pleasure of visiting during our sight-seeing tour of Paris. While visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Palace, the Garnier Opera, Pantheon, the Justice Palace, La Conciergerie, La Saint Chapele and the Sacre Coeur Cathedral we felt the history’s pulse behind the overwhelming sight of such constructions. The modern constructions – Stade de France and Eiffel Tower were no less impressive.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Louvre Palace

Louvre Palace

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Stade de France

The activities organised by the French school within the project were interesting and full of substance. In this context, the Cyprus delegation presented the statistic analysis of the questionnaire about the energy comsuption in an ordinary residence. The questionnaire was elaborated during the meeting in Romania and  apllied in each school.

In  one of the days, a exhibition with some ingenios solar devices offered by a French company were organized. The posters with the use of the solar energy, designed by each country were also exhibited.

On our visit of a primary school equiped with 280 solar panels that produce electric energy and warm  water, we had the opportunity to see how the French state draws a special attention on this type of renewable energy.

BIOSE - a French primary school equiped with 280 solar panels that produce electric energy and warm  water

After the days spent in France, the reunion continued in Germany at our German partner. The journey to  the German school was of real help in fulfilling our objectives as we visited the  European Parliament in Bruxelles and we had the chance to audience two German Parliament Members also members in the Commite responsible with the development of the systems based on solar energy.

BIOSE - the  European Parliament in Bruxelles

In the school in Dusseldorf the activities were carried out with the precision and detail concentration typical of German people. While we, the teachers were evaluating the progress of the project and planning the future activities, the students divided in 6 mixed groups thought of “bright ideas” on how to use the solar energy. Ones of the most challenging were: the solar traffic lights, the solar train, the mobile phone with the solar rechargeable accumulator and the solar umbrella, called Solarbrella.

The students creativity was put to the test with the occasion of another workshop when they were asked to imagine the society in 20 years time focusing on technology related to energy.

BIOSE - Dusseldorf, Germany

The vulcano that erupted in Iceland made us change the means of transport to travel home so on travelling by train and not by plane, we admired the gorgeous scenery along the Rhine shores. So  after 10 days spent in the bright atmosphere of the solar energy we returned with full batteries, more open-minded and with the soul filled  with feelings of  respect and appreciation for our European colaborators.

Alina Braban


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  2. Indeed another wonderful meeting. You had the opportunity of experiencing some new things, from interesting visits, great team work, new friends, all these gave you unforgetable memories.
    It was also interesting for us to see your presentation from this meeting.
    Congratulation for the coordinator and the team!!!

  3. It´s seems like a great and interesting project! Congratulations, Alina!!

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