Posted by: camaranpaul | June 2, 2010

Teachers VS Students

Hey yall 🙂

Me and my class just found out few days ago that we are gonna organize this year`s  `Teachers VS Students`! This competition its hold every year by a 10th class and it seems we are that class this year. 😀

`Teachers VS Students` it’s actually a `bunch` of competitions, probes and tests that must be done. There will be 2 teams : Teacher’s Team and Student’s Team (each with 6 members). There will be grades or points that each team will get at the end of a probe and the team who was the best results in the end will win. The probes will use teachers and students skills in  sport,intelligence,brain reaction,imagination and abilities.The organizatory class will make the probes and tests.

There will be lot of fun because maybe some probes/tests will put the teachers in difficult or funny situations haha and trough this way they will see how is to be a student in those days and we will also get our `small revenge`. hahahaha  JK 🙂 Btw…this year `Teachers VS Students` will be hold next week on Wednesday and i will put some pics up from it after it ends.


Paul-Ionuţ Camaran

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